Spring 2019 OPs and EDs Review

Spring 2019 OPs and EDs Review

You saw a music post and probably thought it was from @piecesofminty but it was I, Rokutsu! So I figured with how catchy the OPs and EDs were this season, I’d take my hand ad actually talking about the music of this season’s anime, opposed to how I normally just say its “good” or “catchy.” Also, I’m very interested if these are just my thoughts and I’m crazy or if anyone else agrees with them as well, plus this is just kinda a highlights and not a total comprehensive list of stuff I like for the season.

Isekai Quartet ED – Isekai Girls♡Talk – Yumi Hara, Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi, Aoi Yuuki

Of course I start with the one with the largest looking heading but as you can see, the VA’s for Albedo (Yumi Hara), Aqua (Sora Amamiya), Megumin Emilia (Rie Takahashi), and Tanya (Aoi Yuuki) are the ones who sing the outro to the GREATEST CROSSOVER IN HISTORY. Besides the simplistic and 8-bit pixelated animation to this, the lyrics are really quite hilarious, as is the full version. Effectively they go on about talking to one another and plan to have a “Girl’s Gathering” but of course, none of them have ever done this sort of thing before. The rest of the song is them awkwardly trying to reconcile the fact that they’re gonna have to just pretend to know what they’re doing and just enjoy their time “in another world.” A tad on the nose, but genuinely very adorable and funny.

Ao-chan Can’t Study – Wonderful Wonder – EDOGA SULLIVAN

Off my article last week, is the OP from Ao-chan Can’t Study! The entirety of this show is just a giant misunderstanding and for a short, I really do enjoy the horribly distorted wholesomeness out if it. I wish I could find a more HD version than the above because the colors are just beautiful. I mean, it starts out fairly realistic (much like Ao’s life before really interacting with Kijima) then if becomes this super colorful and active chaotic mess of misunderstandings and innuendos. The smoothness of her falling into the bathtub and the Matrix-esque rotation, to Kijima’s hilarious deviant face, to Ao in all the different outfits the show is able to summarize the chaos you are about to watch without spoiling too much much in the same way a JoJo’s OP/ED does.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind – Uragirimono no Requiem – Daisuke Hasegawa

Knowing me and that segue, can you really be surprised I added this to the list? So for those of you that don’t know JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, go watch that right now. Alright, now that you’ve watched and come back, good job being a decent human being and watching parts 1 and 2. Also you now know about the intro style they tend to roll with the penultimate episodes having the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) interrupt the intro and attack the JoJo. Not only that but this OP has evolved to match certain revelations and the best part of this is that if you didn’t listen to me and didn’t watch JoJo’s you will have no idea what revelations were shown in that OP. Overall, I did love Fighting Gold because I always am for a Coda intro, but this did a fantastic job of becoming the new OP for Part 5.

Demon Slayer – Gurenge – LiSA

This had kinda been revealed to us at BAYOG a bit back when we were in Anime Expo last year in LA during our semi-annual vacation/touring event (remember, see us at booth 1296). I really ought to not need to say more than LiSA but beyond her as usual amazing vocal performance the OP to this show is very much a stereotypical Shonen OP. It starts serious, then grows to become a kick in the face that shows you the struggles and fights the Main Character shall face, shadowy images of the BBEG, and of course we have some of the MC’s signature attacks in action. It all blends together to represent what most of us at BAYOG feel in that Demon Slayer doesn’t so much follow the beaten path as forges a new one as a great representation of the next generation of Shonen shows. As cliche as DBZ, Bleach, or even Naruto are they are cliche for a reason in that they are defining shows most anyone knows or at least knows of and that’s what Demon Slayer is slated to be.

Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san – Moffumoffu DE Yoi no Ja yo – Azumi Waki

I admit I haven’t really been watching Senko San, but its adorable and wholesome eye/mind bleach styling has really sold me as something to watch when I’m in need of a pick me up and don’t want to drink or paint or some other thing. I dislike that the only version I could find with the art was this strange 4 split but I’m pretty sure that’s people’s way around the YouTube/Google AI overlord that OCRs and copyright strikes anything that looks like it shares a singular hair in common with copyrighted content. Anyway, strange split aside, the audio for this version is pretty crisp and the art is just plain adorable. I think I’ve honestly spent more time listening to the ED than actually watching the show. In fact I may just go change that and binge some adorable FoxWifeMother.

And so ends my personal thoughts on some of the great OPs and EDs of this season. I have honestly not been watching all too much of this season and really just been watching some oldies such as Durarararararararararara and RealPeopleStuff like Breaking Bad. Hopefully you guys also enjoy this and have been digging the music of this season as much as I have. Pretty sure there’s more so let me know what else you guys are watching/listening to and point me in the right direction!

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