Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher!?

Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher!?

Alright, so Wednesday, I had reviewed a cute and funny rom-com short this season called Ao-Chan Can’t Study! Today, I review what is effectively a counterpoint to all the things I outlined in that review as a positive. One thing I absolutely hate in a series is “paywall ecchi.” Now you may be asking yourself “Rokutsu, what the hell are you talking about?” Well dear reader, paywall ecchi is effectively soft (and sometimes not so soft) core hentai that is incorporated into a show like this, or Highschool DxD, or Recently My Sister Is Unusual and there are censor components that are clearly only there for the stream/TV releases and exist to make people sell Blu-Rays. For those of you who have been around a bit, you may recall that I enjoyed that had this, called Hajimete no Gal or My First Girlfriend is a Gal. While that show had plenty of paywall ecchi, it also had at it’s heart a sweet story that enabled me to mostly ignore the blaring monetary censorship. Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher!? Takes almost every part of that and multiplies it by 400% with an additional statutory clause.

Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher! Why The Hell Are You Here, Teachers

This show starts off with 18-Year old Ichiro Sato indicating he is in a men’s bathroom, then finally exclaiming the titular “Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher!?” as he finds himself locked in a stall with the daemon teacher, Kana Kojima who’s reputation as a ball busting hard ass has him terrified even though he also really needs to use the bathroom. An awkward conversation and golden shower later, they leave and it’s slightly implied that Kana has a thing for dear old Ichiro. Over the course of a few episodes and a lot more “accidental” physical encounters we find out more and more about Kana, leading up to the fact Ichiro is her type, she’s tsundere as fuck, and actually was childhood friends with his mother, and even found out he motivated her as a high school girl to become a teacher and the two eventually break the annoying cycle of unresolved sexual tension and become a couple.

Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher!
Honestly the censoring makes this appear worse.

Now I would normally be cool with this sort of thing since there’s progress and honestly it’s a sweet story. Then they basically repeat this scenario with 3 other teachers. Ok, technically 2 teachers and a school nurse but same premise effectively. Again, this is less creepy because of the double standard that they are women preying falling for male students. Also it’s a bit more socially acceptable since it’s only a 5 year gap and per the half your age + 7 rule, 23 works with 18. However even though it’s a different situation, instead of a tsundere it’s a shy teacher/klutzy older sister type/deadpan school nurse (my personal favorite).

Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher! Why The Hell Are You Here, present

While I’ve watched this show week to week, and the intro and outro being unique to the teacher is a cool and interesting touch, the show seems to kinda beat the ecchi a little too hard. I found it more distracting than entertaining and it negated all positivity I felt from the “wholesome” factor get shoved out the window even though it still makes me literally laugh out loud. Overall I still will end up watching but can’t help but feel like the show lost some of it’s charm by shifting focus from Kana and Ichiro. While I’ll still be watching I wonder if anyone else can see past the “plot” and really enjoy the plot.

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