Ao-Chan Can’t Study!

Ao-Chan Can’t Study!

So I’m back, and we at BAYOG aim at trying to get back into the Aniblogger world. I finally finished my Master’s and my personal life is kind of not a hot mess for once, PLUS work is going pretty solid. And so I find myself wanting to sit back and enjoy writing about anime again. However, I figure there’s no real fun in posting up just generic reviews, as you could probably just watch the damn episode and if you cared, you could just do so. With this in mind, I look toward trying to revamp my writing style for these articles and try to do a review that is more my mindset and things that pointed out to me, in order to formulate discussion more than anything. So let’s carry on with my review of Ao-Chan Can’t Study!

Ao-Chan Can't Study Kijima

Ao-Chan Can’t Study! is a half length short for the season that follows Ao Horie and her goal to move out of home and get into Tokyo University. To this end, she aims to study hard and excel educationally. The kicker to this is that Ao’s dad is Hanasaki Horie, an acclaimed erotic novelist, hounds her life and fills her mind with subconscious erotic thoughts. This means she views many others her age as lecherous, perverted, lustful beasts she calls normies, king of which is Takumi Kijima. Throughout the first few episodes she makes every effort to ignore Kijima, but tends to find herself in increasingly dirty and filthy scenarios.

Ao-Chan Can't Study Big

All this aside, the comedic effect actually finds itself tempered by Ao’s desire to just get past this lustful thought process (which is again skewed by her father’s work and influence) and Kijima maintaining his calm and seeming almost harem protagonist levels of dense. Eventually it is revealed that he does in fact love Ao and she struggles to keep Kijima from distracting her. Kijima, even though he has the opportunity to be an absolute fuckboy given his looks and popularity, is solely focused on Ao. We find Ao finally acknowledging her mutual affections for Kijima and running out to meet him, in hopes of starting a genuine and loving relationship. He turns around and says that he shall respect her desires to move out of her family home and shall only help her study, until she gets into Tokyo University and then they can date.

Ao-Chan Can't Study Misunderstanding

As of this last episode they managed to get back to a similar comedic formula of Ao trying to be normal and her dad managing to just absolutely wreck those chances. I personally found this show to be pretty entertaining and wholesome compared to other shorts this season. I’m looking at you Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher!? The catchy intro and color scheme and animation are just flat awesome and I find myself just being entertained and able to keep up with this show. I can’t help but love that they hit the right amount of ecchi without being insane fan-servicey. Personally I think the way they end the season will really determine my final thoughts on this but I find myself watching week after week. Not sure what other folk think but by all means leave a comment or discuss below how you feel about this rom-com short and if you also love the dad’s voice actor.


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  1. The OP is really catching and I love the dad. At first I wasn’t sure about him, but he’s been getting better and better, especially with his voice changes depending on how serious he is.

    1. RIGHT!? I want to do a review article of the OPs and EDs this season because I feel like there’s more catchy tune this season than normally. When the dad hits serious voice moments I usually end up dying laughing because of how they animated him!

      1. So many catchy songs this season and yeah, he’s hilarious when he’s talking deep and serious and still looks like a gnome or something.

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