Netflix, Can We Talk About Simulcasts?

Netflix, Can We Talk About Simulcasts?

Some of you may have heard me get salty about Netflix during our podcasts before but yeah, that’s happening again. Netflix recently announced a few release dates and revisions to previously set dates for anime that are coming out this year. You can check the video for the breakdown from IGN here:

I knew most of these announcements were going to happen. Kakegurui xx was bound to take some time since they waited some crazy amount of time before releasing season one so it’s just to be expected. That’s the problem. We fall into these traps where these companies get us to accept how things are without looking for a change. It’s infuriating.

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As much as I appreciate having multiple platforms to provide anime on a mainstream level, I hate how Netflix doesn’t listen to their fan base. It tends to come off as a slap in the face to us anime fans that have grown accustomed to Simulcasts over the last few years. It just feels like they look at our concerns and think, ‘well, it’s fine because you will get to watch the entire series in a few months from now…’. It’s hard not to look at it as a way to enable someone to pirate these anime series.

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Another thing that is kind of annoying is there has been word that the original voice actors for Neon Evangelion were not reached out to be part of this rerelease project. People have started to assume that Netflix is just going to recast all of the roles and start from scratch. Nothing has really been set in stone anywhere. I’m mainly speaking on this as a rumor. If that’s the case then this really doesn’t help Netflix’s case at all when it comes to listening to its fans. Evangelion’s dub has been talked about highly from many people I know in this community so this felt so left field.

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So, Netflix is still making me salty… as you can see from this post. I’m mostly annoyed because I was really looking forward to Carole and Tuesday and they only hit us with a coming soon date. Simulcast or even week after release simulcast is achievable but Netflix just doesn’t seem to want to break the binging mold that they have set for everyone.

Let me know what you think about any of these concerns I’ve expressed in the comments below! I’d love to see how others may feel especially from the binging anime fan’s perspective.

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  1. I feel like this is a trend a lot lately (not listening to the fan base) where anime is concerned with places like Netflix and Crunchyroll. It’s hella infuriating. Netflix does simulcasts for Asian dramas, so I don’t understand why it can’t be done for anime. It’s not like there isn’t a market for it? So, I’m salty along with you.

    1. It’s just gotten to the point where they obviously can to simulcasts but they are just choosing not to pull the trigger. I’m so annoyed lol

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