My Top 5 Anime OPs of Winter 2019

My Top 5 Anime OPs of Winter 2019

I must say, 2019 started with a bang for anime. I found that I barely dropped any shows this season which is VERY rare for me. Some people may feel differently but I can say pretty confidently that it has been a strong season for anime OPs. This list is usually much easier to put together with any other season but this season almost every OP is a banger. So I wanted to go over my top 5 for this season, in no order, and hopefully, you can share yours in the comments below!

Okay. I might have lied. This list is so hard for me so I might have to turn this into a top 6. I was going to leave either Domestic’s OP or Shield Hero’s OP as an honorable mention but I can’t choose between the two. So just going to leave them in. Fight me.

Domestic Girlfriend

As I have mentioned before, I am a long time fan of the series but the anime has taken a turn that I’m not a big fan of even though it had such a strong start. What it does have going for it is this great song choice and nice way of displaying all of our girls without giving you any spoilers. Some cool symbolism too. To be honest the song alone is so strong that it might be the only reason why it’s on this list.

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The Rising of the Shield Hero

This opening flew under my radar for the first few episodes but now that I’ve really looked at/listened to it, I do quite enjoy it. The song is pretty good and easy to find yourself listening to it on repeat(for me at least). What makes this OP so cool is the small details they add to tell the story. I also love the very end bit where little Raphtalia grabs Naofumi’s arm and it transitions to her, older Rapphtalia, breaking him out of that demon mode. It’s the little things.

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Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

I fell for this show just by watching this OP honestly. I took sometime before actually picking it up, mainly because I had so much on my plate. Pretty sure I was behind by 6 episodes when I caught up and I mainly did it for this OP and the ED with the infamous Fujiwara dance that we couldn’t stop talking about. This song is so infectious and truly symbolizes the battle these two go into every school day… for love.

Image result for kaguya sama love is war op

Mob Psycho 100 II

I feel like we all knew what we were getting into with this OP if you watched season one. We thought we weren’t going to get anything better than 99 and then we got 99.9 and god it was everything we can ask for. I just can’t help but imagine the people working on it having the time of their lives being able to really think outside of the box. Visually appealing across the board. When the fight montage kicked off, it really displayed the extraordinary fight scenes we had coming to us in the near future. It was fantastic.

Image result for mob psycho 100 season 2 op

The Promised Neverland

Why did UVERworld have to hit us with this man? I was pretty much obsessed with this song since I first heard it. In our discord server, we had people ready and waiting to pass the link to the full version once it hit Spotify. It just fits so well with the visuals.

I remember watching the first episode wondering why they even showed the OP, since I knew what was going to happen in that episode, I was worried that we would see spoilers. Low and behold you knew nothing of the terrors that the kids were going to face but knew that they were fighting something. I thought that was pretty cool.

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Boogiepop and Others

I have never skipped the BoogiePop OP and probably never will. I said I would be rating these OPs in no order but this is definitely my favorite for this season. I love the visuals coupled with MYTH and ROID. It’s so easy to find yourself even forgetting to skip the OP if you were trying to. You would probably get halfway and then just push through. I’m still waiting for when I can finally get the full version on Spotify or Apple Music but I will enjoy just listening to it off youtube for now. I think I’m slowly becoming a huge MYTH and ROID fan and I’m totally okay with that.

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Final Thoughts

There are plenty of great OPs that didn’t make this list. Some people would probably place Dororo and Kakegurui xx pretty high on their list but I honestly just didn’t get to really watch those shows for different reasons. I hate to list an OP for a show I never watched when some context from the show can sometimes play a part in the OP. A good example of this would the JoJo OPs. They tend to always have ties to the story using a crazy amount of symbolism.

This was something I put together with not much time to dive too deep into each OP but I would love to hear what your favorite OPs are this season! Please leave your favorites of this season in the comments below! Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Out of this list, the only show I’m currently watching is Domestic GF, and I love the opening for it. It’s an amazing mix of a couple genres that I enjoy immensely and the whole sequence is fun to watch. Aside from that one, I’m obsessed with the opening from Dororo. It’s… so fantastic, haha.

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