When Can We Start Saying No To Sequels?

When Can We Start Saying No To Sequels?

Recently in anime news, we have heard about some popular anime series receiving new seasons and we even had a large number of sequels to popular series releasing this year. As a fan, I should be happy to see more content from my favorite anime but unfortunately, I can’t help but feel conflicted. Realistically I have to understand that money plays a much more important part than a creator that wants to further develop their story. I thought because of these conflicting feelings I’ve been having, I would like to share them here with you guys and see if you guys are feeling the same way or you can tell me if I’m overreacting. I’m not perfect.

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So the first anime series that I wanted to talk about was One Punch Man. As much as I was super excited that we were going to receive a second season, the excitement deteriorated once I heard that there would be a different studio and director behind it. I felt that the same tender love and care wouldn’t be applied on this season and we would just receive a hollow shell of what Madhouse had laid before us. I understand that the show must go on as a business and these things just gotta happen but when you hear all the issues that J.C. Staff has had with producing these episodes, you wonder if the business side just believed that any studio can just be plug and played in to produce the same content. It’s a little infuriating but I also understand that there’s a ton of information that we as the fans are not privy to.

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The next series I wanted to talk about is one that I have considered to add as an entry in MY top 5 anime of all time, Psycho-Pass. The series was a big part of what got me back into anime when it started airing and it just fit everything I was looking for when nothing else was interesting to me. What I loved the most about the series was the ending of season 1. It seemed to be intentionally left open-ended for us to figure out the missing pieces. I personally enjoyed that but season 2 came and went bringing me disappointment. So it is just hard for me to take it seriously when it is announced that they will have THREE new movies and ANOTHER season. It felt entirely like a money grab and it will be very disappointing if we do not get the closure that this series truly deserves.

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I feel like I just have to talk about this series. It’s only right. The series that I am referring to is Dragonball Super. As much as we know that Dragonball has been a money grab for years Dragonball Super just seemed to revive it with the guise that Akira Toriyama wanted to tell this cool story and its just the level of popularity can warrant it. There will always be a high demand for Dragonball Super. No matter what. It is actually free money. I would rather see some more budget thrown at newer shonen series that can really reinvent the genre like Promised Neverland and the future hit, Dr. Stone.

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I hate that this may have turned into more of a rant than anything but this has been something on my mind for quite some time and things are just starting to get out of hand. I know that at the end of the day this post will not change anything but I just hope to hear from you guys to either justify what I’m feeling or even just get a conversation rolling. Any feedback would be appreciated. Hopefully, this post finds you well and you are already having an awesome week!

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  1. I’ll admit, I’m super stoked for a Psycho-Pass season, but that is because I really want a satisfying closure for everything. I’m also conflicted because I don’t Psycho-Pass’a amazing narrative to be deteriorated and lessened by money-milking shock value and poor writing. It would break my heart. I’ve avoided all teasers for the season even because I’m that worried it’ll turn into a colossal disappointment. Sequels garner so much money because people want more of their fave characters and stuff. Yet, I think there’s a definitely a line that needs to be drawn to prevent creative catastrophe to excellent storytelling. I hope this mumbling makes sense…

    1. Agree. I just can’t support how frequently this happens to anime series that I love. I hope they are actually handled properly and they can shut me up but I’m a bit worried is all

  2. I prefer shows to have one season and tell a complete story. Then again, there are other anime like Noragami and Snow White With The Red Hair where I just have to wonder why a third season hasn’t happened given there’s so much left to tell. So maybe it is more that I find it weird that shows I really like don’t tend to get follow ups whereas shows I’m happy with where they end seemed to get follow ups that just kind of derail the original (such as Psycho Pass – pretty happy with one season of that, it was great but they can stop now).

    1. Agreed! I’m right there with you about Noragami! I need season three after that ending

  3. I have not seen psycho pass yet oh so bad of me that I haven’t but hopefully I will year. This will be the year I checked out all the popular shows I’ve avoided until now ahaha. I get you about sequels that there made for the sake of money. They either are pitfalls or fountain of dollars. Dragonball super is a great example, I was apprehensive when it was announced. I still haven’t watched it bit since watching broly movie it’s made me to give it a try. Uanessacry seasons irritate to series that don’t need me annoy me to no end. series like deadman wonderland and yona of the dawn need it more than one punch man to me. Maybe i’ll make a post about sequels that need to happen and ones that don’t ahah but great post 🙂

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