Hello, hello BAYOG Fam! I’m tired AF, but it was totally worth it. You see, I just came back from a mini weekend vacation. The purpose? To finally attend a ONE OK ROCK concert! I think everyone knows this about me by now, but I absolutely love ONE OK ROCK. They’re one of my favorite artists eveeeer!!! Seriously, it was pretty [obvious]. Kenny is a huge fan of them too. Anyways, I’ve always, always, always wanted to attend their concert at least once.

While I do love music, there are only a handful of artists that I really adore and want (and willingly pay) to see live. ONE OK ROCK has always been one of my top 3 because I know they’re known for their amazing and high energy performances. Of course, I’m in the southeastern part of the US. We never really get Asian concerts, except for Atlanta. However, that wasn’t really an option for me. The only other Asian concert I was able to go to was when Wonder Girls performed in Orlando as well. ONE OK ROCK did perform in Orlando once before. I believe they were on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer. However, I was a broke bitch and no longer lived in Orlando at the time. I hoped to maybe fly up north and attend a concert, but I was still a broke bitch. So I basically missed every opportunity over the last 4 years. However, I was surprised to find that Orlando was on the list for the Eye of the Storm Tour. I wanted to go so badly, but was afraid I wouldn’t be able to. However, I’d like to thank my boba bestie Jess (Loha’s Jess) for pushing me to do it. Thus, I roped my sister and a couple friends to go to this concert with me!~ Also mad love to my sis for getting me tickets and taking me and my friends to the concert.

The concert was at the Hard Rock Live, located at Universal Studios’ City Walk.

Y’all don’t even understand how excited I was. I also have to really thank my friends and sis, cuz it didn’t occur to me that they weren’t that familiar with the band. Yet, they were awesome and were part of my bucket list experience~ Anyways, I was so excited I even went to figure out what the set list would be. I made a Spotify playlist to help my friends get more familiar with the band’s music. I wanted them to have fun too, yaknow?

BAYOG be waiting in line~Look at the cutie in the middle! Oh, and Loha’s in the back or whatever~

I basically flew home to Fort Lauderdale, and drove up to Orlando for the concert. Y’all don’t understand how excited I was. Like my heart was bursting with joy. It’s probably been the first time I’ve been super happy in a while.

I was standing in line with my heart racing like crazy and my palms getting hella sweaty. I was just hella thrilled and nervous. Once inside the venue, I’m pretty sure I did a couple of happy little jumps. Ya’know…I was basically acting like a stereotypical anime character haha…

So happy and excited!~

The venue wasn’t like extremely huge, but it was still a nice sized venue that could pack a ton of people. It was all standing though, sans the special roped off section for the elderly and those with disabilities. We originally stood around in one of the back corners because my sis needed to sit in a special section. She couldn’t stand for long periods on her prosthetic, so the staff was nice enough to let her have a chair in that section. There are balcony seats, but I don’t think those were open for this concert.

The first opening band was Australian band, Stand Atlantic

We basically stayed in this area for the first opening act: Stand Atlantic. Not gonna lie, I had no idea who they were. They were fun though. Their music brought a sense of nostalgia for most of us. It really reminded us of our punk and alternative rock days from middle and high school. Although we were all hella confused when the lead singer yelled something like, “Yeehaw Orlando!” Florida, especially the Central and Southern part, is like the fake south. We’re technically located in the southern part of the US, but we ain’t like that lol. So were all kinda looked at each other like, “Wuht….? LOL”

I’m a basic Asian chick. Cute selfies is what we do…

There was a brief intermission after Stand Atlantic’s set. A bunch of people left. Some went to the bathroom, some went to get drinks from the bar, and some just straight up left. We took this as an opportunity to get closer to the stage. We basically ended up sorta front part of the middle on the right.

3 hella short Asian chicks and then you’ve got Loha…
Loha…bruh…you’re too fucking tall
They honestly did a fantastic job at hyping up the crowd

The second band was Waterparks. Again, I had no idea who they were. I’m so sorry. Although, I at least did look them up before. I forgot which vid I saw, but it reminded me of my high school days haha. They were great though. They did a great job at really interacting with the audience and hyping everyone up. The singer was really funny too. Honestly, I feel like I could be friends with them haha.

There was another little intermission. A few people did leave again. However, alot more people were suddenly trying to cram in. Which…well…I’ll talk about that later. Anyways, they were setting up ONE OK ROCK’s equipment. YOOOO. I was so hyped. My heart was racing even more, my hands were shaking, and my palms were getting hella sweaty. I was so excited and nervous. I was also on the verge of tears too.

Finally, the moment came. My dream come true: ONE OK ROCK!!! It was fucking amazing. it was everything I imagined and more. It had amazing energy and was so much fun (minus some annoying people). I absolutely loved the whole show.

I basically love him lol Went into full fan-girl mode haha~

Taka’s vocals are so freakin’ amazing. His range and control! It’s just ugh…I love him~

And Toru!!! He’s freakin’ amazing on that guitar. He looked hella cool~ Also love him lolol

I somehow managed to take this perfect pic of Ryota sticking out his tongue too lolol

Tomoya looks like he’s having a blast
I regret not being able to have more pics of Tomoya, but it was difficult to get a clear shot of him
From ONE OK ROCK’s official Facebook/Twitter page. Yo…I can’t believe was there!

Not gonna lie…I actually have alot of vids from the concert that I planned on sharing when I recorded them. However, I went in full fan-girl mode and was screaming the lyrics along the whole time. I sound hella obnoxious, out of key (in my defense I was basically deaf from the speakers at that point), and I hate my voice…I’m really embarrassed…so…sorry fam…

Here’s basically the only decent video I have where I wasn’t obnoxiously screaming and being tone deaf… It shows Toru being fucking awesome. My only regret is not filming the whole thing…

I thought this was cute until my immature ass was like, “The heart is at his crotch lolol”

Honestly, I loved this concert alot. It was definitely worth it. It was one of the best shows I’ve been to. Honestly, I definitely want to attend more of their shows now~ My crew had a blast too! They might not have been hella familiar with the band and their music, but they all agreed it was a great show. I’m pretty sure I ran back to this area, jumped a few times, did a happy dance, and ended with a little twirl~

I love all these people for being a part of this amazing experience~

Off Tangent Rant: Respect your fellow concert goers…

Now for my off tangent rant…

Google Assistant made a gif from my pics to remind me of how much I hated this chick

I really enjoyed the concert. It was great. The only thing I hated was that some people really lacked concert etiquette. In other words, they just be rude AF. It really took away some of the fun of the concert… So remember how we moved to the middle the first time? In front of us was a couple. They were cool. However, there was a group of girls (one seemed probably drunk or just hella off). They basically forced their way in front of that couple. Like rude AF, but whatever. They were a bit obnoxious tbh. Like it’s a rock concert, but they be grinding on each other. There was also this weird arm wave dance? It was kinda like how you’d expect a white chick to dance at a festival. Except it didn’t go along with the music or beat… Which is whatever, but it was annoying because it would constantly block our view. It also ruined most of our videos and photos… She basically did that throughout the whole show. I guess the couple got annoyed AF of them though. They left in the middle of Waterparks’ set. I should also mention there was some spilling of alcoholic drinks… This is basically one of the reasons why Loha and Jess decided to just go back to the original spot.

A few times sure…but the whole fucking time???

Whatever, right? Except that really off chick decided to pull a random girl and force her in front of us. This Japanese chick and her friends basically tried to force their way in front of us. Which is really rude considering how we got there first and waited to get there. We didn’t force and shove our way, cuz we got manners. We weren’t being mean bitches about it or anything, but we obviously had somewhat judgmental looks on our faces. Drunk chick didn’t know the Japanese chick, but decided to help pull her in. Okay, that’s just fucking rude. But, whatever. However, we weren’t going to allow her whole group to cut in front of us. Seriously guys… One of the girls probably noticed we were a tad annoyed because she seemed like she was going to force her way…but saw our faces and backed off. Drunk chick and her little group befriended the Japanese chick. They were suddenly best friends. Which is cute. I think it’s a wonderful thing to bond and make friends with fellow concert goers. However, I did not anticipate that this chick would be just as rude.

Y’all…She’d suddenly keep raising her hand and block my view and any shots I was taking. I even tried to kind of obscurely move my phone to the side a bit, or try to shoot from a slightly different angle. BOOM. Her whole hand or arm would be there. I wouldn’t mind a few times. It happens. Especially when you’re really into the show. But the whole fucking time? Also let me tell you something, she knew. She knew I was taking pics or photos and still block me. As in she’d turn around, then see that I had my phone up trying to take pics and vids as well.

The funniest thing that also enraged me the most was that she had no shame. Y’all…she tried to push me. She was dancing and trying to play it off as if she was just dancing. However, she was pushing up against me. It wasn’t like brushing against me either. It’s obvious that despite being a type of event where everyone is very close to each other, you typically still give people some personal space. Typically, when you realize that you bump into someone you stop. You stop and apologize. Basic etiquette right? Like I said, this wasn’t light brushing. She was full on pressing up on me with her ass and trying really hard to push me. She was practically on top of me. She even had the nerve to turn around, look me in the eyes, and fucking GLARE AT ME. Mind you, I had been at this damn spot before she came over here. I hadn’t moved from my spot. She also had space in front of her. Yet, here she was “dancing” to push me. My friend and I were like, “WHAT THE FUCK??” I was really pissed. Everything else might pass as an accident, but it was clear that this was intentional. I didn’t want to start shit though. I came all this way to enjoy this show. I was not going to get kicked out. I did, however, firmly stay where I was. First of all, I’m a fat chick. I was hella taller than this chick and probably weight twice her weight. So I honestly don’t know why she thought she could even make me fucking budge.

Pissed Angry GIF - Pissed Angry Kdrama GIFs

It didn’t end there though. I don’t know what the fuck her problem was. You think it was bad enough she was obstructing my shots, despite her taking all her shots. At one point she started jumping and hit my hands and phone. Normally, you’d stop, apologize, and/or move. Not this bitch. She kept doing it. Turned around and glared at me, and kept doing it. She nearly knocked my phone out of my hand. I even caught the fucking moment. Her hair got caught in my fingers, but she didn’t give a shit. So I stopped giving a shit. I didn’t wanna play super nice. I stopped caring that her hair got caught in my fingers, and eventually I accidentally pulled out some strands of her hair. It was an accident the first time. After that, I knew it would happen, but I didn’t give a damn. Look, I’m a nice person. Really. It takes alot to get me to be petty. But why should I give someone courtesy, when they don’t want to give me the same courtesy? So I’m not even sorry.

Look, when I go to a concert I stay in my space. I try to keep my hands and arms low to limit obstructing someone else’s view. I keep some personal space. That’s decent concert etiquette folks. Enjoy the concert. Have fun. We’re all there for the that purpose. However, remember to respect those around you. Don’t be the ass that takes away someone else’s fun experience. Please don’t be like these people.

And to those girls: I hate you, and FUCK YOU.

Suga Fuck You GIF - Suga FuckYou Bts GIFs

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  1. Japanese fans at American concerts are either the best of fans (had several give me freebies, practice Japanese with me, overall really nice people) or the absolute worst. Sorry you ended up with the latter >..<

    I'm super fucken stoked that you finally got to see them live though!! Being able to bring the crew and for them to have a good time as well makes it all the better! I'm lucky my bestie usually comes with me to anything but alas we're apart at the moment. lol What was your favorite song that they played live?

  2. Yeah, generally I find concerts alot of fun because I always make friends with fellow concert goers. However, there’s always that one obnoxious group. I’m glad I was still able to enjoy the concert though~

    I know!! 😭 I was sooooo freaking happy! I thought of you too since we talked about it before haha~ Being able to enjoy it with the crew definitely made it an even more special experience~ Oh man! I loved every performance haha. Although “Stand Out Fit In” and “Wasted Nights” were absolutely amazing and fun~~ I also really liked “We Are” since it’s one of my fav songs~ I was also hella hyped for “Clock Strikes” since it’s one of my fav older tracks~ :3

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