What anime do you love that you’d never recommend to a friend?

What anime do you love that you’d never recommend to a friend?

I was going on a small road trip with one of my friends today and a weird question came to me. What anime do you love that you’d never recommend to a friend? I thought this was a pretty good question mostly because you can have many reasons for your answer depending on the series. So I’m going to hit you with some of my answers and hopefully, I can get some interesting responses in the comments!

Monogatari Series

I started watching the Monogatari series sometime last year and totally didn’t expect myself loving it. It has so many great things about it that I can go on for days listing BUT because the “toothbrush scene” exists, no one will even touch that anime. there are those few that have braved through and either found the series interesting and the dialogue charming while others would run for the hills due to fan service.

That’s mainly the reason why I wouldn’t suggest it. I’d rather not go through the awkward process in general. When I meet people that watch it naturally, that’s where I can talk about it… I wish that would happen more often.

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Case Closed/Detective Conan

Most of you should pretty much know why I can’t suggest this anime to friends. Well if you didn’t, it’s quite simple. The anime is just too damn long! The number of episodes is terrifying to some people. Funny enough, I thought maybe I found a way around this. I would hand pick arcs to show friends but that’s very difficult when some plot lines have been developed for years and years. One time I was hanging with one of my friends the night before a con and he agreed to give the series a shot. I found a very short arc that had nothing to do with anything complex. He fell asleep 5 minutes in. The towel has been thrown.

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Domestic Girlfriend/ Domestic no Kanojo

Wanted to incorporate a show that was more recent so here we are with Domestic. As some of you know, I’ve been a big fan of Domestic for quite some time since I’ve been reading the manga since it started. In that length of time, I tried to get many people to read the manga and each person gets scared off for different reasons. They believe by face value it’s just a basic harem or the plot alone just makes it unreadable. Seems like people actually enjoy the anime(so far) so my position on this might change but it will still vary person to person. Not everyone is into this kind of story. I can’t hand a hardcore Attack on Titan only fan this… Though it would be funny.

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This was just something I came up with through conversation with a friend but it’s been kind of interesting to hear how other people respond to the question. I’ve been throwing it at a few people in discord groups and I rarely get the same anime series or reason for not recommending it. NOW, it’s your time! I’d love to hear your answer down in the comments below!

8 Replies to “What anime do you love that you’d never recommend to a friend?”

  1. I’d have to go with Kakegurui. The main character pretty much gets off from high stakes gambling and considering just about everyone I know doesn’t mess with anime too much I just can’t recommend them something like that.

  2. Honestly, I love “Occultic;Nine” but the whole “character with giant boobs gets multiple cut scenes showing how much her boobs bounce!” in the first episode makes it really hard for me to seriously reccomend it to people despite the story actually being very intersting and in depth.

    Additionally; idol anime. As a big fan (of the animation) of B-Project and Idolish7, it’s hard to get people to take idol anime serious. That’s the rub I suppose lol.

    1. YES I literally had this conversation with a friend yesterday about that very reason. Occultic;nine is cool but that is the gate stopping me from recommending. I need to finish. I think I’m on episode 10.

      Idol anime was something I stayed away from but after zombie land saga I really want to give it a shot!

      1. It’s so worth it to get past that first episode. I remember noting to myself if the boobs kept being the focus in episode 2 that I would drop it lol

        There’s the really good and the really bad, with the added layer of music throw in there. I’m glad you found one your enjoyed! I’ll have to give it a shot one of these days myself!

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