Kingdom Hearts Pop Up Event at Disney Springs

Kingdom Hearts Pop Up Event at Disney Springs

Hihi BAYOG fam and friends!~
I apologize for being a bit more inactive than usual. I had a cold, and I’ve been back in my hometown for the holidays. So I’ve been busy with spending time with my family, and catching up with my friends. I finally had some free time to post something!~ So let’s get right into it!


So, I love Kingdom Hearts. It’s captures all the things I like: DISNEEEEYYY, Utada Hikaru, J-RPGs, and the beautiful anime-esque characters. Like, we’ve talked about this before. I love Kingdom Hearts. I’m hyped for Kingdom Hearts III. I was excited to hear about the special Kingdom Hearts pop up event at Disney Springs in Orlando to. However, I was also sad. I basically live out of state now, so I figured it was something I would just miss. So imagine my excitement as I got to go to my home state of Florida for the holidays. Luckily, my family had plans to go up for some business in the Tampa and Orlando area.

My sis doesn’t like sharing her face, so I censored it for her…

So my sister and I dragged our confused/oblivious Asian family to the pop up. Our friend was kind enough to let our whole family crash at his place due to issues with our Airbnb booking. He’s a big Kingdom Hearts fan too, so he came along with us. Fortunately for us, it wasn’t crowded. It was beautifully decorated. There were large murals of promotional art everywhere.

I censored my own face cuz it was ugly af so you could focus on the art. Also that area in the back right was the roped off demo area.

They had some collectibles and figurines showcased around the room. Although, I have to say I expected more displays and things. Still, it was fun to look at.

Sup Sora.
Oh…look at that familiar bitch in the background (me)…

There were different promotional art murals. They included: Pirates of teh Caribbean, Hundred Acre Woods, Big Hero 6, and Frozen. They also had art of the original Kingdom Hearts characters. My absolute favorite thing were the life sized replicas of the keyblades. There were 3 keyblades.

They had the recognizable OG keyblade: the Kingdom Key.
The other two are 2 unknown keyblades that we’ve seen the in the trailers.

I wonder what world this keyblade could possibly be from…lol

One is definitely from the Toy Story world. (Geez…what gave that away?)

Then there’s this one, which is my absolute favorite. It’s so freakin’ beautiful. I want it. Seriously.

Censor all of da familyyyy…But yeah, here are the murals of Frozen and Big Hero 6.
They had promotional art for the Pirate of the Caribbean World by line for the demo.
It basically is what you see here.

We were also given 15 minutes to play the demo. I was told I couldn’t take photos. So sorry guys. I’m a PlayStation gal. I never had an Xbox, and I didn’t really have many opportunities to play on Xbox. The demo area had both the PlayStation and Xbox versions set up. Unfortunately, you don’t really get to pick which one. You’re just given a random station ticket. So I was stuck playing the Xbox one. Anyways, there were 2 playable demos. You could basically do either the Olympus demo or the Toy Story Demo. We were told to skip the cut scenes to allow optimal playing time. Apparently for one of the demos (Toy Story, I think…?), the cut scenes are about 7 minutes long in total. I’m a casual gamer, and so I’m not good with the technicality and everything like the bros. I’m that gamer that just heads in and buttonmashes my way through games. Especially since I just wanted to try to finish the demo as fast as I could in order to try the other demo as well. I can tell you that this game was incredibly beautiful and vivid. Y’all, I can’t wait to play the full game.

Aqua is bae.

I do apologize for lack of photos. Thankfully, my friend did take a couple more pictures (Hence the difference in color/qualities of the pics). I felt a bit rushed because I didn’t want my mom and grandma to feel bored and have to wait too long. Although, they seemed to have more fun than I expected. I regret not taking my time and taking more photos though. Most of the staff seemed super pleasant and awesome. Others, seemed….meh. So that also made me feel a bit uncomfortable taking pictures. It also got more crowded after a while. People were just in the way and blocking everything too… Half of them weren’t really there for the exhibit, but just using it as a space to sit and stay out of the sun… So I lost my shot at taking any decent pictures at that point. Anyways, it was a shorter experience than I expected. Still, it was alot of fun. I enjoyed seeing all the collectibles, the art, and playing the demo. I can’t wait until when the game comes out! Who else has been able to go to the pop up event??

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