Happy New Year from BAYOG!|Looking Back at 2018

Happy New Year from BAYOG!|Looking Back at 2018

Hello, hello BAYOG fam!
On behalf of the BAYOG bros and myself, I’d also like to say, “Happy, Happy New Year!~~~”

The past year for BAYOG has been alot of fun. I was never much of a writer, so blogging with BAYOG has been such an interesting experience. I honestly didn’t think I’d end up being so incredibly invested in BAYOG and enjoy blogging so much. So I’m so thankful to be a part of this blog. I’m thankful to have talked things I’m interested in, and to have made new friends.

2018 was full of fun and not so fun things. Thankfully, there were more fun and enjoyable things. Here are some of the things we talked about that I enjoyed:


Things I Enjoyed
-DRAMA| What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?
This was my all time favorite drama for 2018. It was funny, sweet, and the acting and story were wonderful.

-MOVIE| Let Me Eat Your Pancreas
Okay, so this movie was released in 2017 and not 2018. Still, it was my first time watching it. It was such a beautiful and wonderful film that got me hyped for the anime movie release.

-ANIME| How to Keep a Mummy
This was the cutest anime. It was just so pure and fluffy~ It was one of the things I enjoyed watching whenever I needed a little pick me up.

-ANIME| Aggretsuko
Sanrio. I’m a basic Asian chick; Need I say more? In all seriousness though, it was funny and cute. Despite it’s comedic and cute appearance, it really touched on some things that alot of people (especially young people) face.

-WEBTOON|Girl’s World/Odd Girls Out
It’s a simple and wonderful webtoon. It has such endearing and wonderful characters. It also tackles alot of issues and complexes that many people deal, or have dealt with; Particularly young kids.

-WEBTOON| The World Where I Belong
I enjoyed this webtoon for personal reasons. It has some really interesting and unique art. It does such a wonderful job of portraying mental illness and struggles. It really resonated with me because of that.

-WEBTOON|Ghost Teller
I love supernatural related series. I loved this webtoon as well. The art is amazing. However, I just really loved the idea behind the webtoon: Perhaps, people are scarier than ghosts.

-WEBTOON| Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell
This was such a unique and funny webtoon. It has some ridiculous characters and plenty of laughs. It was a great way to bring my mood up.

-GAMES| Home Sweet Home
Being Thai, I was so hyped about this game. I’m so incredibly proud of it. I love the details and how they really incorporated details about Thai culture and lore.

-ANIME| Cells At Work!
This was an interesting and cute anime. Who knew that I would ship a red and white blood cell…? It was funny, cute, and…educational…???

Things I Didn’t Really Enjoy That Much
-DRAMA|Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey It started off decent, but I felt like it just got sloppy and went down hill. I’m usually not all that nit-picky when I watch dramas. However, this was one of the few dramas that left me feeling so disappointed. I basically regret bother trying to finish the series. Sure, there were some fun characters. Still, I felt more of “What a waste of time” than enjoyment.

-ANIME| Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card
Okay, so I didn’t hate this. Don’t at me just yet. As a 90’s kid, I loved the original Cardcaptor Sakura series. I was so, so incredibly hyped that there would finally be a sequel after nearly two decades! The anime was beautiful, and I enjoyed it. However, it just seemed too slow for me. There just wasn’t enough momentum to push me into continuing the series. I ended up just dropping and forgetting about it after 4-5 episodes.


2018 was also an incredibly monumental for me because I ended up finally admitting and opening up about things. I pretty much kept to myself about my mental struggles for years. It was cathartic to incorporate to include such personal things in my posts. I am honestly terrible at talking about myself and such personal things. I literally can’t do these things face to face, and would constantly avoid it. Still, I tried this year. I was a bit nervous as I started to be more direct and fully come out with my struggles. I didn’t really run these by the bros. So I was really nervous and worried about how they would react if they saw the posts.

However, I was so incredibly touched by the bros. They immediately reached out to me and gave me full support. They also told me they fully trusted me with what I was doing, and that meant so much to me. I cried (and I’m crying while writing this) because of their support, friendship, and all they’ve done for me. I’m super thankful to you bros.

Me seeing people relating to and enjoying my posts.

Those posts are also important to me for another reason. We’re always talking about what our goals are, and just what it is that we want to do with the blog. For me, I hope my posts can help people find things they enjoy. Most importantly, I hope that it can bring them comfort. It’s hard to reach out, but I’m happy if my posts can help people feel like they’re not alone.

Me getting rid of my negativity

My wish for 2019 is to continue doing these posts. I really hope I can give people comfort, and that I can make posts that people can relate to. I also hope I can bring back the food posts too. I’m also working on being more positive this year; Like truly feeling positivity. Overall, I hope to experience more fun and amazing things. I hope to continue fostering support for our fellow blogger friends and our readers. I’m also hoping to go back to posting more regularly.

Me trying to start off 2019 with more confidence and positivity.

It’s been a wonderful experience to see how much we’ve grown! I’m also so incredibly happy and thankful to all the friends I’ve made after joining BAYOG! I hope we’re all able to grow even more! I wish you all a wonderful new year full of fun and amazing experiences!

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Sending y’all love and good vibes~
Also it wouldn’t be a Minty post without me dropping a BTS gif somewhere

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