Episodic Reviews | My Experience

Episodic Reviews | My Experience

Hey guys! Usually, you would get an episodic review from me today but I thought I would instead talk about episodic reviews and my experience with them. Hopefully, this post won’t be too long. I do not want this to seem like a rant or anything negative, I just want to share my honest thoughts and opinion.

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So as many of you know, BAYOG never used to do Episodic posts here. We mainly delivered on first impressions, mid-season and final reviews. We also do things like Throwback Thursdays and other random posts. This was mostly because we mainly worked through the passion. We were super into the anime we were talking about or we hated a show so bad we wanted to vent about it. We thought maybe it would be cool to expand a bit and try to do some of the cool things our other aniblogger cohorts were doing. That’s when everything changed.

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The same season we decided to do this, I also decided to go back to school to get my bachelors. Already being a fulltime worker, made this very difficult for me to keep up and actually enjoy it. @loheezy, one of our OG BAYOG, moved away and is super busy now. And everyone else has their own things going on. Like me, @rokutsu is also going to school. We pushed through for the most part and got a lot done but now that this season is mainly over, I know what I need to do.

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I will not be doing episodic reviews anymore. I just cannot commit to that on a weekly basis. I’m more than willing/able to get articles out weekly but you just lose interest when certain shows are trash *cough cough* Tokyo Ghoul and you lose interest in the show when you look at it as an obligation. I’ve been pushing back on Run with the Wind because I knew I had to write about it. Anime has always been my escape from the trials and tribulations from life and I want to make sure that writing about anime is still something I can be passionate about.

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This was something I really wanted to talk about and spent a lot of time thinking over. I really enjoy what I see from others who do episodic reviews, this just isn’t for me. We here at BAYOG should continue doing this how we started, for fun. Thank you for all the support you have given us this year. Hopefully, you will stick around for what is to come in 2019. We hope to get back into podcasting. There are some people that I would love to work with within the aniblogger space too.

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  1. I hear you. Episodic reviews are a lot of time, which could be spent watching more anime. I tried doing First Impressions (1-4), Second Chances (5-8), and will then do the usual season review. That seems to be working quite well. I only do episodic reviews for special events like my rewatch of Highschool of the Dead, but definitely couldn’t see me doing it for everything I watch.

    1. I agree. I believe that this kind of format is great for some bloggers but not all. I like doing it the way you are referring to. I just really don’t want to put out anything I feel crappy about because it felt forced.

      1. Agreed, you don’t want to force it. I had fun writing the series of episodic reviews, and can see the value in doing it in that occasion, but I’m certain it took longer to write and put together each post than it did to watch the episode. I’m going to keep for special occasions and focusing on watching more.

  2. I enjoy episodic reviews because it gives me a chance to get my thoughts out about the episode and then talk with others who are watching the show. Because I don’t have someone in the real world to talk to this is my conversation about what I’m watching and I love them. Though, contrary to Irina’s experience, my episodic reviews get the least views. So I’m not really writing them for views but more for the conversations they can lead to with other viewers.

    1. I totally understand. That makes sense. That’s one thing I did enjoy about Run with the Wind episodic reviews. I felt that I finally had people to talk to about it since most of my friends aren’t into. I also find that I get most of that just from reading your articles and other bloggers, conversating through your posts and the twitters.

      1. True. I haven’t been covering Dakaichi or Goblin Slayer episodically because I’ve been reviewing at intervals with Arthifis. However, I find my comments on other blogs tend to end up very rambly when I haven’t gotten my ideas out of my system by writing my own post.

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