How Anime Helped Me Lose 50+ Pounds

How Anime Helped Me Lose 50+ Pounds

Hey guys, it’s been awhile. Well… not really. I have been posting my “weekly” Run with the wind episode reviews. BUT NOW! I am on break from school. I actually said Yay out loud after writing that. I’m so lame… So I thought it would be cool to talk about what I’ve been up to and specifically talk a bit about my weight loss journey. I know that there are many people like myself that can benefit from something like this, even if it’s not tips, it’s the fact that you know you are not alone and even you can do it too! Let’s jump right in.

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So backstory, I have always been “the big kid” since I can remember. Though when I think “the big kid,” I mainly think about height versus weight. Sometime during the end of high school(I think) is when I started to gain some pounds but earlier this year my mother passed away. When that happened, I started to eat a ton more. Especially after I moved into my own apartment. I just couldn’t be bothered to cook. I then had some scare happen to me in the summer that made me wake up. I decided I need to eat better, go to the gym a few times a week and sleep better. A few months later, I’m 50+ pounds lighter.

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SO how did I do it? Anime, people. Anime has brought me here and I am here to share my secrets with y’all!

Okay. That was not meant to sound like watching Dragonball Super will help you lose weight. What I mean by anime has helped me I mean with pushing myself at the gym. When I decided to go back to the gym, I really wanted to figure out what worked for me and what motivated me. Somehow anime would always come to mind when I would think about this. When I’m coding or write an article, what do I listen to? Anime OSTs and Lofi. So I thought maybe I can find some good playlist that would fit into this ritual. I listened to a lot of Haikyuu, My Hero Academia and other anime OSTs. There are plenty of 1-hour playlists full of this music if you ever wanted to try it.

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This wasn’t the only thing that really pushed me. I also find myself being inspired by many of these anime characters because of the trials and tribulations they have gone through to make them so great. Deku is a great example. Let’s not think about what he did as a superhero but just the grind he went through to be able to even take on All Might’s power. This kind of dedication always fires me up. So when you are out there lifting or any other exercise and you feel you might not be able to do it, just Plus Ultra through the pain!

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One of the things I love the most about sports anime is I get to passively learn about the sport unintentionally and slowly become connected with it myself. With Run with the wind coming out earlier this season, it really sparked the runner in me. I wanted to bring running into my routine and get better. I was pretty terrible at running and especially at long distance(still am) but look at Prince. He is just doing it and he will improve over time. If you just accept defeat, you will never see what your true potential is and that is something even I’m still working on.

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For this post, I really just wanted to share something that I believed helped in my neverending journey to become healthier. Hopefully what you take from this is that you need to find what works for you to keep you motivated. Let’s push each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Next week I will have a catch-up post for Run with the wind since I’m a tad bit behind. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I’m super proud of you for putting your mind to something and achieving that goal! I completely relate to this. I’ve been struggling with being a big person for a while, probably since I stopped being an athlete, but I also have health issues that haven’t allowed me to workout properly. Now that I’m being allowed to do things slowly, I find that most of my inspiration comes from Hunter x Hunter. There’s an arc in the series where the characters are trying to achieve a level of something and their process of working out and pushing themselves thru the pain and even laziness at times is very inspiring! I also feel inspired when I watch Initial D because it reminds me of the conditioning I had to do to stay in ultimate shape for racing. People don’t realise you really need to be in good shape for it. Stamina is key. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I found it very helpful. 💜

    1. Awesome! I’m really happy that you found this helpful. One of my main goals was for this to impact someone in some way. I feel like this is kind of personal to talk about my journey but everyone here in the aniblogger sphere is so supportive. I love it. Use all the inspiration that motivates you and find what works for you!

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