Goblin Slayer Episode 10 Review

Goblin Slayer Episode 10 Review

So off this last episode I’m gonna delve less into the play by play episode review and kinda focus on the story so far and its elements and how these ingredients create the goblin killing soup that we’ve grown to know and love. While doing this I hope that the new WordPress editor and our layout don’t break the article and headers as I write them. Currently sitting at 7.58 for MAL, most of the reviews I saw (as in the first thirty or so) had only been written as of episode 3 or 4, and another ten reviews or so being at post episode 9, and of those last all but one had a rating of 9 or 10. This very minor statistical backing as a flimsy shield of justification, I can say this show has gotten better and really did a good job of world building even while leaving something as detailed as names out of the equation. So lets break down these variables and solve for X.

Goblin Slayer Hero.png

The Hero

“Our story has a hero, and a HERO, but our hero is not a Hero; but Hero is a HERO.”

That sentence is probably confusing as hell, but Goblin Slayer is neither a Hero nor is he the HERO. That title and name belong to the now minted Hero, the 10th Platinum ranked hero in history and the one who defeated the Demon Lord who had been threatening all the good free people. The reason why these completely unrelated segments showing Hero and her party as a major plot point is it gives us scale and frame of reference. In reality, our protagonist is not the hero but simply a commoner who rose up and fights mere goblins, weakest of all monsters. By giving us this insight we see there are a number of side and short stories, and much like how we are all minor players in the grand scheme of things, Goblin Slayer is but a cog in the machine of the world.

Goblin Slayer Terrible POV

Vague Backstory

One of the complaints I saw was that as of episode 3, Goblin Slayer didn’t have enough backstory and was merely a tin can. For those of you who have never met nor known someone before and after PTSD, this is a very apt description, as people who were once full of energy and fun/jovial, can come back sullen, quiet, and very much like a tin can. That being said, Goblin Slayer slowly but surely becomes more and more involved with his companions, even being noted this episode by his childhood friend Cow Girl as having a fair amount of friends. This Tin Can effect also leads to the anonymity of the character, with Spearman who had started adventuring the same time and known him for five years not even recognizing Goblin Slayer sans armor.

Goblin Slayer Munchkin


Goblin Slayer is not a Mary Sue nor is he a Munchkin, as he regularly sees and comes close to death, and does not easily overcome Goblins, even though they are the weakest of monsters. That being said, he finds ways to combat them and come out on top by using his brains, skills, brawn, and recently the synergy of companions. We find out here that Goblin Slayer chooses armor and weapons of a low enough grade that his death would not affect the grand game and not provide goblins with anything too powerful like a magical axe or Mithril armor. The man even resorted to using hair as a weapon to take down a big bad, and that’s about as low key and improvised a weapon one could use.

Goblin Slayer Blind Letter Meme


As the comical enough image above indicates, Goblin Slayer has companions, comrades in arms, and friends. These conversations with his party help highlight while he views them at times as a mere statistical increase in his chances to smash some goblins, they also serve as legitimate emotional human bonds. Whether they be an archbishop Shield Maiden hero, or a lowly common farmer Cow Girl, Goblin Slayer’s brash and curt demeanor serves as a stubborn and indomitable beacon of human perseverance. He is not cowed by fear, nor driven by money but seeks to help the common man whom soldiers and heroes would otherwise overlook.

Goblin Slayer Weapon 1Goblin Slayer Weapon 2

Common Sense

Trading off the above describing the realism, of living in a dark fantasy world many things have common sense attached to them. Living creatures evolve and adapt unlike in video games. Unfortunately, inexperienced warriors who are the ones who would take on such creatures are left unaware to these adaptations and find themselves killed or worse at the hands of goblins a la episode 1. That being said, the adventurers recognize this and aim to even establish a training school for adventurers to maximize survivability and also give reason for life to retired or injured senior adventurer.

Goblin Slayer Dat Eye


Ok, lets be honest we all enjoy violence to one extent or another, or we wouldn’t be watching this show. My favorite component to this is that the show escalates and somehow even keeps interesting while admitting we’re only seeing the side villains with an Ogre and Beholder being the top creatures they’ve fought, not dragons or gods or demon lords. Regardless, watching Goblin Slayer keep up his kill count is rather impressive and strangely satisfying. The intelligent way he goes about finding new and efficient ways to combat and slay goblins makes sure that we don’t get tired even if he just keeps killing goblins and nothing but goblins.

Goblin Slayer Paranoia


“If you’re right once…it’s not paranoia.”

The end of the episode sets up to what I figured the season end would touch upon, and that is the oncoming Goblin Horde outside Cow Girl’s farm. The animation barring some of the CG of Goblin Slayer’s armor is still just as beautiful and perfect for a fantasy world. The fight sounds are just as good and the music keeps me excited for seeing what the coup de grace will be next week and the week after. Wrapping this one up, I’m eagerly waiting and ranking this at 9.5 oncoming goblin armies out of 10.


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