Goblin Slayer Episode 9 Review

Goblin Slayer Episode 9 Review

Hello and good morning everybody out there in the internet and beyond! We start one of my most anticipated episodes for Goblin Slayer with our intrepid adventurers at the exact point we left off last episode. As they begin to investigate the mirror the not-beholder was guarding, they find that it is in fact a magical gate of some kind. As they contemplate what to do next with this likely source of the goblins, the ominous sound of reinforcements from deeper in the crypt begin to surge forward.

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While quickly preparing their defenses against the oncoming goblins, a battle plan is formed around leveraging the multiple spell casters in the group and honestly one of the best battle scenes I think this show is gonna put out occurs. Slinging and shooting the goblins, the horde moves on up against their makeshift ramparts and the goblins finally get in position to return fire, with no disregard to their own companions. All the while, Lizardman Priest moves to shift the mirror and the big bad from before appears, missing one eye.

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Now a large amount of my writing training drills in that you should show and not tell things like this and I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend you see this battle in action. While successfully distracting and fighting off the massive goblin, the rest of the party carries out their plan, with the cavern being dropped upon the goblins while the party escapes death by using the magic mirror as a shield to absorb majority of the falling stones. Cue the Final Fantasy victory music and the fight is finished, all within the parameters that High Elf Archer set forward for Goblin Slayer.

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High Elf Archer does not take well to Goblin Slayer’s rules lawyering, and we return to the courtyard of the Water Town temple with Goblin Slayer and Shield Maiden having a moonlight conversation. Being the blunt individual that he is, he outright asks if she knew everything and she confesses to knowing about the true nature of the goblins. She of course thought he had deciphered this fact through some investigation however he just frankly planned on asking everyone who might know. By using his deductive reasoning he factored that without regular patrols, the sewers had to be guarded by something, in this case the giant alligator. Additionally the crimes against women were not the kinds of actions goblins would take, as both of them know very well. Knowing that from a political standpoint she as a hero couldn’t outright ask for protection from mere goblins, she asked Goblin Slayer and company to investigate the allegedly goblin attacks. When asked what happened to the gate mirror, Goblin Slayer and crew actually went about the Stargate style of handling magical teleporting portals.

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After a heartfelt conversation about saving the Shield Maiden and killing the goblins, Goblin Slayer wins the affections of the fair maiden as one would expect in a fairy tale, then heads off with Priestess. When they finally head back to town by wagon, they enjoy their rest and rejoice in their rewards, along with plans of how to spend said money. While the discussion of how to most effectively make ice treats ends the episode, I’m highly anticipating the next few episodes as I foresee them ending the season with one of if not the best part of the manga. This review was pretty quick since it was mostly awesome goblin ass kicking, but its still been a great adaptation that keeps my attention and has me waiting for the next episode. The show has been managing to stay strong and keeps its place in my seemingly arbitrary ranking at a 9.5 goblin avalanches out of 10.

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  1. They did do a good job on the fight sequence and I quite enjoyed watching it. I felt the bit with the Sword Maiden stretch a little awkwardly but for the most part had fun with this episode.

    1. It was probably the only bit that I had less enthusiasm about in all honesty. Reading that part had better delivery I think but it still wasn’t bad per se. Glad to hear others enjoy the fight scenes from the show so far!

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