Webtoon| Love Advice From the Great Duke of Hell — WTF & LOLOL

Webtoon| Love Advice From the Great Duke of Hell — WTF & LOLOL

HI FRIENDSSSSS!!! It’s me, Minty! I’m finally back from my hiatus (after some hectic delays and tech issues)! I do plan on continuing the posts for Home Sweet Home. However, I still need a bit of time. So let’s take it easy this Sunday with a webtoon post!

thumbnailA short time before my hiatus, I randomly stumbled upon a new webtoon series. It’s interesting because it was from the Discover section not one of LINE Webtoon’s featured webtoons. I admit that when I saw the thumbnail, I didn’t think it’d be my kind of series. Although, a part of me was both curious and also like, “What the fuck…??” However, I was hella confused and intrigued by the title. So I started it, and it’s definitely my kind of humor.

The webtoon is called, Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell. I know. At first I was like, “WTF…???” It’s a webtoon series by unfins. unfins started publishing the series on LINE Webtoons in September 2018. So yes, this is pretty recent series! Unfins also recently announced that the series would become a featured title on LINE webtoons. So I definitely recommend reading it [HERE] before chapters are pulled for the official featuring.


PLOT (From LINE Webtoons):
A story about love, friendship, a coffee shop, and demon summoning.

Basically you got a dude named Paul. He’s been crushing on the cute girl from the coffee shop. So Paul does what anyone else would do… He decides to summon a mother fucking demon. However, he doesn’t summon just any demon. He summons Astaroth, the Great Duke of Hell. Comedy ensues.

Me, all the freakin’ time.

Seriously, this series is freakin’ hilarious. I love the stupid little jokes and comedy. I love that I can relate to the characters. Like when Paul’s sister walks into his room to see him summoning Astaroth. That’s basically how I would’ve reacted. I love seeing Paul not taking Astaroth seriously. I love seeing Astaroth being all, “Bruhhh….??? WTF….?? I’m the mother fucking Great Duke of Hell!!” I don’t won’t to spoil too much since there were only about 14-15 chapters up before the feature announcement. Seriously, give it a chance. It’s a great series to kill time and get some laughs!

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