Run with the Wind | Episode 6 Review

Run with the Wind | Episode 6 Review

And we’re back for another episode of Run with the Wind! I was really looking forward to this episode after that minor cliffhanger of an argument. I wanted to get more of an understanding of why King feels the way he does and just see how the gang will resolve this conflict. So, let’s jump right in `and see if it was worth the wait!


We start this episode by picking up right where we left off. King tells Kaiji how it is and walks out. Seems like everyone was taken aback by it. Shindo seems to be the most concerned so he does approach him while he is doing his nightly routine of taking part in the game shows on tv using his tissue box as buzzer… This was an extremely vague discussion. I had to rewatch it like three times to fully understand what was going on. But it seems like Shindo really wants to help King through this without crossing any boundaries.


Even though we start to see signs of King distancing himself away from the group, we learn that they kind of have bigger problems. Money. Initially, I didn’t think anything of this because any club needs some kind of financial stability but made me think about the situation they are in. They are not supposed to be working so how is that going to work… see what I did there? If they can’t work, they can’t even help support the fund. Seems like Shindo thought of something to help. He made some shirts for the team to wear to advertise their team on their runs and form a fan club. This guy is super thoughtful.


When King returns home, Kaiji confronts him telling him to just run again. This time he makes it clear that he wants King to stop running away from reality but running with it. Not only that but Yuki, the one who has been bitching more than anyone, backs up Haiji. As much as Haiji is trying to show that he is also there for the guys, something about that pissed King off and he just throws the shirt down and stomps off.


We also get a little insight into what their next runs will be. Looks like we will get to see a bit of cross country which is cool. As they discussed it, without King, Shindo seems a bit down that he wasn’t with the group. He approached him again but this time he was asked by King why he was taking it so seriously. What King received as an answer must have helped him understand that maybe he was doing things the wrong way because a change seemed to happen. This becomes noticeable when King mentioned that he is being given advice by an underclassman. The next day, our boy King is running. I’m honestly not capturing his development as well as it was in the anime but do check it out if you haven’t.


There were a few things I really enjoyed about the episode overall. Yuki seems to be slowly getting into running and also just hanging out with this group. All throughout the episode, he was calling the guys that actually wanted to run, honor-roll students. Towards the end of the episode, he still does it but it definitely seems to be more positive than the usual. Less of a negative tone overall.


I also really enjoyed the Kakeru this episode. He reminds me more and more of Kageyama from Haikyuu without being annoying about it. Earlier in the episode, he had a very awkward moment and one of the jo twins mentioned that he is fast at running and slow at everything else which also fits Kageyama. A setting prodigy but just awkward/slow with everything else. Also, that last smile looking at his team! Just to be brushed off by him walking away when noticed. That was cool.


I also want to see more development between Kakeru and Kaiji. Seems that Kakeru will be the one looking for the answers to the questions we have. What happened to Kaiji’s leg? Why is he so bent on running? Was he just looking for extras or does he truly believe in this team? I guess we will have to wait and find out.

Once again, a great episode from Run with the Wind. This show currently sits on an 8 for me. I just can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us. I’m super excited that this season is going to be 20+ episodes. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you have an awesome weekend!




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