Goblin Slayer Episode 5 Review

Goblin Slayer Episode 5 Review

So this last episode of Goblin Slayer was pretty nifty, mixing together the spin off about the other side characters and the main story as it simultaneously occurred. Taking place post-Ogre battle and after a few days of resting and recouping, we have Goblin Slayer checking the fence before heading into town with Farm Cow Girl. While this is occurring, Guild Girl is reviewing those up for promotion including a group of adventurers and Priestess. We also have a pair of Porcelain adventurers starting out trying to go on a giant rat killing quest in the sewers to mixed (Read:Bad, but not lethal) results. As this carries on, the warrior loses his sword to some massive cockroaches and is left despondent, trying to find a replacement weapon in the mean time, finally taking the advice of Goblin Slayer to find a replacement in the form of a club.

Goblin Slayer Weapon 1Goblin Slayer Weapon 2

After they finally set off, we jump back to the guild and see that Priestess has been bumped up from Porcelain to  Obsidian, the second lowest rank. Additionally we see the Guild Girl recruit Goblin Slayer for a non-goblin slaying quest. She convinces him to serve as an observer for a set of promotion exams for the adventurer’s guild. Comically enough through a review board of Goblin Slayer, Guild Girl, and her priest friend who casts Detect Lies and can tell that the Rhea (halfling) Ranger is a piece of shit who screwed his party out of a treasure that he found. He is subsequently banned from adventuring in the town and demoted back to porcelain, much to his anger. The only thing stopping him from striking out at Guild Girl is the presence of Goblin Slayer, whom he knows would curb stomp him if he tried anything. Most impressive of this to me was the fact that we had Guild Girl’s emotions show in a rather adorable exchange.

Goblin Slayer Smug Priest lolGoblin Slayer Guild Girl

We jump back to the noob adventurers as they use a gift from Witch to search for their warrior’s sword. Finding a number of rats, he takes out some frustration on them to significant success. After stumbling into a swarm of giant roaches, they flee down a corridor and use the magic candle to group them for a single target spell that somehow hits like an AOE and kills the lesser ones, while leaving the larger one with his sword inside of it crippled, as he beats and finally vivisects the thing to retrieve his blade.

Goblin Slayer ROUTs
For real, he beats that thing for a long while before it dies.

As this episode ended I felt like it was interesting and relaxing, and definitely did a great job of adapting the manga. That being said, I can see some people having issue with this not just being Goblin Slayer Rip-and-tearing everything in sight, and I can live with that. The sooner people realize this isn’t Berserk (even though that one Great Sword Fighter looks like Guts) or Doom, and actually a story about a dude who is just really good at this thing he’s dedicated his life to, the happier I’ll be. However I do find it funny people are slowly realizing this is really just like a very ERP heavy D&D campaign in design. That being said I can’t wait to see the scene play out below and give this episode 9 Murderhobos in the making out of 10.

Goblin Slayer Murderhobo FTFY.png

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