BAYOG Playlist|Sunday Playlist —Let’s Just Chill

BAYOG Playlist|Sunday Playlist —Let’s Just Chill

Hey BAYOG fam. I’m not gonna lie, I had a totally different post planned. However, it’s been a rough week, and I haven’t had time to finish working on that post. I’ve had alot of things happen recently. Between the tough work week and having 3 relatives pass away, I’m just kind of exhausted and hella low energy. So forgive me for changing my plans and taking it easy today. I just need to recharge a bit.


Now typically with BAYOG Playlist posts, I highlight specific artists. I usually put some background info and some of my favorite tracks. Buuuut, we’re gonna be a bit different today. Today I’m just gonna share some music that I find pretty relaxing.  So come chill with me~

For the Studio Ghibli fans. This is one of my favorite playlists.

For the Cowboy Bebop fans

Any Animal Crossing fans? Animal Crossing is probably one of my favorite games~

Kingdom Hearts fans? Here’s Kingdom Hearts x Lofi

Tokyo Dreaming. Because I’m a hella basic Asian chick who likes Lofi and Jazz Hop…

Raining in Japan. I just love Lofi x Hip Hop

Raining in Tokyo. More Lofi x Hip Hop

Aaaand cuz we know I’m a hella basic Asian chick who is K-Pop and BTS trash.

제이홉 정호석 GIF - 제이홉 정호석 손하트 GIFs
If acoustic is more of your thing…here’s a playlist with piano renditions of some BTS songs.

BTS Kpop GIF - BTS Kpop Jeon GIFs

Again, I’m sorry fam. Forgive me and I hope y’all are having a better week than I am.

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I’m off to pass THE FUCK out OTL

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