Tokyo Ghoul:re Part 2 Episode 3 | I’m Done

Tokyo Ghoul:re Part 2 Episode 3 | I’m Done

Hey guys, sorry this is kind of late. I’ve been super busy and didn’t get a chance to do my episodic post last week but here I am. Back for some more bullsh-Tokyo Ghoul. We shall see how I feel after this episode. I try to finish any show that passes my three episode test. If this doesn’t, you will probably still see a post from me for that day but it will either be about another show from this season or something different depending on how creative I’m feeling.  Let’s jump right in!


So the episode started with the battle that they showed at the beginning of the season that’s happening at the end of the season? Like I’ve seen storytelling like this before but this is probably the roughest way I’ve seen it used. People are killed but because there was little to no build up/development for it, I can’t help but feel detached from it. This extremely long fast-forwarded battle just seems so rough. Especially since it actually just became the whole episode… Once again a bunch of information thrown at you. Normally I’d recap this episode but just so much new information that I would need to go look at wikis just to fully understand what’s going on. It sucks. Also, we have characters who we thought were dead but aren’t? With little to no explanation. It’s pretty annoying. Even from a fan service standpoint, I can’t accept this.

He is still a bitch

I must say this opening has definitely grown on me. I didn’t think it was anything special initially but the song itself has become unskippable for me. This is to be expected since I’ve always loved TK from Ling Tosite Sigure. I will say the ending is super weird. Like it feels like it was hard cut to fit the OP size. Usually, it’s mixed much better. As an overall OP, there really just isn’t a way to top something like Unravel from Season one in my opinion. Sad to say that the only thing making this season watchable is the music… like Root A.


The action scenes are nothing special this episode. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t anything special about this episode except for seeing old characters from Root A and even before that. As I mentioned before, people are introduced but I have no fucking idea why they are there and how some of them are alive. I also feel like I know nothing at all as a viewer. I knew this season would be rough going in but I feel like I skipped a season and a half and tried to get by only with wiki pages.


I respect anyone that has the patience for this show but it’s just bad. I have to come to terms with that. I need to just stop watching this crap and read the manga. That’s it. Period. If you are watching this show and believe that you are going to finish it, I’d love to know why. Maybe it has some redeemable qualities I’m not seeing(somehow).

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