Zombie Land Saga – Three Episode Test

Zombie Land Saga – Three Episode Test

I don’t like the concept of a three-episode-test but considering I missed writing about last weeks episode, I figure I’ll give this a go. Saga, as I’ll call it from here on, is really starting to shine and own the idol genre. We all saw how metal and hilarious episode one was, but how did the next two episodes go?


Episode 2 was highly anticipated now that almost all the girls have reawoken and are no longer mindless. All of them question Sakura’s blind loyalty to Tatsumi, and some, notably Ai-chan and Junko-chan, are in denial about being a zombie and try to escape. Sakura tries her best to keep them back, and in a comedic “hey they’re zombies” scene Ai-chan’s hands and eyes pop out when falling from the fence only to be back in the scene immediately following.


While they’re out in the city, some wannabe gangstas pull up and start approaching them in a dark alley. You’d expect something vulgar or something more mature, but the guys were literally just rapping about picking up girls. Weird. This was just a taste of what was to come. Once this episodes performance came, the legendary Yamada Tae started messing things up and the performance was failing incredibly hard. It all devolved into Sakura and Saki having one of the hottest rap battles to ever be in anime. 9/10 for episode 2.


Episode 3 was very much a cookie cutter idol show. We had the training, the I-Don’t-Think-We-Can-Do-This attitudes, the sudden slap out of the slump, and even the questionable CGI. But this show truly delivered. Comedic timing is still so very great. This week’s “Okay! It’s a go, go, go!” was baited by a very dull one right before the guerilla live but right as Policeman A shows up, we get the greatest “Go, go, go” with Tatsumi driving everyone away. Episode 3 was definitely a lot tamer than the previous two but was still enjoyable. Out of ten, this episode earned itself a solid seven. The biggest thing of episode three though was that the Legendary Yamada Tae has a VA listed and it turns out she’s voiced by a legend, Mitsuishi Kotono the voice of Sailor Moon.

Overall this show is top of my list. I love it so much, I watch each episode twice, once at work during my lunch break and again after work with my girlfriend. If this is your first time watching an idol anime, definitely stick it out because the comedy alone can carry this show. I haven’t laughed this hard since Konosuba and the characters are just so lovable it keeps you coming back for more of them.


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