Webtoon|Ghost in Masung Tunnel [Spoop Fest #8]

Webtoon|Ghost in Masung Tunnel [Spoop Fest #8]

Hello loves~ Originally, I planned on doing a post on another horror movie for Spoop Fest. Unfortunately, the whole sudden shut down on DramaFever happened… So here’s another Korean horror webtoon! Today’s webtoon will be 마성귀신터널 영문판/The Ghost in Masung Tunnel.


The Ghost in Masung Tunnel is yet another horror webtoon by Horang. We’ve gone over some of Horang’s words in [Chiller]. Horang’s horror webtoons are pretty well known due to their viral popularity. The Ghost in Masung Tunnel was released by Naver webtoons in 2013 in Korean Ghost Stories 2013.

It’s a short story about a girl traveling on a bus. She’s traveling alone to her hometown, although there are a few other passengers. Things seem pretty fine. However, something seems off when they enter a dark tunnel. Lurking in the darkness is something sinister.

You can read the English version of the webtoon [HERE]. Just make sure to enable Adobe flash player. Make sure your volume is up, although not too loud. Don’t make the same mistake I did…

Bonus Note:
[Some spoilers ahead]
FUCK. I knew what would happen. I even scrolled fast. I wanted to scroll fast past the jump scare parts and get right to the end. The webtoon fucking trolled me hard. It wouldn’t let me T~T I need to stop looking at spoopy things by myself late at night…in the dark…with big ass headphones on full blast… Why do I keep doing this to myself….??
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