Run with the Wind|Episode 3 Review

Run with the Wind|Episode 3 Review

Before I just get into Episode 3 for Run with the Wind, I do want to say it feels really good to get back into all of this. Writing about this weekly has been very enjoyable. I find that with this series, I usually see all the great things about it while my Tokyo Ghoul:re posts… not so much. Overall, I can say, I’m just in a better place right now. I even started getting back into reading manga. I’m currently catching up on Attack on Titan and recently purchased Junji Ito’s Frankenstein book. I may talk about that sometime this month since it’s all spooky. Let’s jump back into Run with the Wind and see what our boys are up to!


We start this episode learning that everyone has caved and decided to run with Haiji. Not like some of them really had a choice the way Haiji presents boxes to Akane to pack up his manga. Though it is very funny watching Haiji pull them out of thin air. After their run, we get to learn a bit about the current physically shape everyone is in but because of this, Kakeru spouts out some information to persuade Haiji to stop pushing them into running. He feels that they are nowhere near where they need to be to face others who have trained for years. We also learn that Yuki goes clubbing every night. I personally didn’t think he looked like the kind of character that would do that. Once Haiji gets wind of this, he uses another one of the great persuasion techniques he loves to use. The boys meet a girl who seems to be Haiji’s girlfriend but is actually the daughter of a shop owner that Haiji sees often. When she is around, productivity from the group skyrockets.


The end of this episode sheds some light on Kakeru and his problem with running with this group of guys. We joked around a lot about how Kakeru looks like Kageyama but they do share two things in common. They don’t work well with others and are both very talented to begin with. Due to some unknown events that happened with a previous team(maybe) he has a very defeated attitude. I believe that he believes in his own ability to run but when it comes to believing those around him, there lies the issue. At the end of the episode we get a glimpse of a character from his past so maybe next episode, we learn more about it and maybe Haiji and the gang can help him through this.


Overall, this was a great episode. Good final episode for a three-episode test, in my opinion. I’m starting to get really into the OST and the dog is so damn cute I can’t take it when he shows up during the mid-cards. Each character really brings something different to the table. They know how to make me laugh, empathize with them and maybe even make me wish I was part of the gang.


Thanks for reading! Hopefully you are enjoying this series as much as I am. If you are watching, I’d love to know what you like the most about this series, your favorite character and what about them engages you the most! Have a great weekend!

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