Overlord Season III Review

Overlord Season III Review

I marathoned this lovelyness and found myself really enjoying it, especially compared to last season. While Season II had far too much random and that bit with the lizard people was just strange, this had much more of a feel to it akin to Season I. We even see the almost bi-polar mindset of Ains as one minute he’s bestowing mercy upon someone, then having 70,000 people turned into goat baby food. However, I for one understand the cold unfeeling logic, because they frequently cite his lack of humanity, and explain numerous times that these moments of mercy are truly pragmatism.

Overlord III NANI.png

Right off the bat we pick up with Ainz granting wishes to his subordinates for their actions last season, and we kick off with a grand OP that I find creepy and catchy all at the same time. In one of the most comical of moments in the show, we have Demiurge explain to the rest of the NPCs that Ainz’s plan is clearly world domination, something that shocks Ainz and leaves him with a rather entertaining face. We then jump to Carne Village, the village Ainz saved in Season I, along with a troop of goblins very much different from the goblins of Goblin Slayer. We have a few episodes where Enri continues to gain the respect of both her goblin troop and the villagers, and I dig the approach where they aren’t focusing fully on the “OP PLZ NERF” main characters, kinda like last season, but much better. The world building has been a good touch so far with us seeing multiple sides of encounters, such as Carne being concerned about the Demon Snake of the West and Giant of the East, which are quickly and rather violently by Ainz.

Overlord ENRI SAMA.jpg
Truth is they didn’t want to reveal how truly Enri-Sama can be.

Eventually a faux attack is staged with the reanimated Giant of the East, who was really a large Troll named Guu, with the goblins valiantly fighting them off, but finding the Troll’s lack of healing factor to be somewhat strange. Unbeknownst to Enri and Nfirea, they are under the watchful protection of Lupisregina Beta, one of the combat maids in Ainz’s employ and she eventually comes to their rescue when being chased by another troll who sneaked in through the back. After dispatching the troll with great ease, Lupisregina proceeds to invite Enri, Nfirea, and Nemu (Enri’s little sister) to dinner at Ainz’s “Castle.” A brief bit of pandering later, we jump to the Workers group operating in the Empire as they and another group move to explore a new tomb in the Re-Estize Kingdom. Turns out that they are also being accompanied by the now-legendary Adamantite Adventurer, Momon who asks them what their motivation is, money being the answer. Of course, this tomb turns out to in fact be Nazarick and the groups that invade are mercilessly cut down, or otherwise tortured. I found out that the English Dub of some of these characters were going to be voiced by some of my favorite RoosterTeeth personnel, Michael and Lindsey Jones. The quote about the characters I saw pertaining to this casting choice was “I’m so happy for Michael and Lindsey, but sad too, because those characters are NOT going to have a good time.” Here’s a clue to how this whole ordeal went: They did NOT have a good time.

Overlord III Foreshadowing
Overlord III What Even Is That
What the hell even is that?


After this “invasion” Ainz sends his Dark Elf minions to the Empire as a lesson, which as far as I can tell is “There is no kill like overkill.” After visiting and apologizing, for his subordinate noble’s transgressions, The Emperor enters into an alliance with Ainz after the sheer terror of his overwhelming power subsides. Backing Ainz, the Empire sends declarations to the Kingdom, demanding the territory around Nazarick to be seceded to Ainz. Their response was to mass an army of 240,000 to attack the Empire, and Ainz much to the concern of Head Warrior Gazef who had seen Ainz’s power first hand. The Crown Prince of the Kingdom, Barbro also decided to attack Carne village, resulting in a rather interesting and fun surprise. Turns out that Enri’s goblin horn (with a tiny bit of help) summons a force of 5,000 goblins including Heavy Infantry, Paladins, Assassins, Mages, Outriders, Archers, and a FETHING DRUM CORPS. The Kingdom’s forces are of course massacred, with Barbro and his survivors later assassinated by Redcaps and Lupisregina.

Overlord III Sexy Death.png
Dying to a hot tanned Red-headed maid is not all too bad…

Then we hit the big time, with Ainz’s strongest spell to be used as the signal for the Empire’s forces of 60,000 to attack the overwhelming force of 240,000 Kingdom soldiers. After trying to bait out any other Players from Yggdrasil, he opts to whip out his biggest, blackest spell which instantly kills the Empire’s Left Wing of 70,000 soldiers, and summoning 5 massive “baby goat” daemons that proceed to ravage the remaining 170,000 soldiers who are helpless and are forced to retreat. Gazef, as well as Climb and Brain move to face Ainz himself, with Gazef facing Ainz in single combat, Ainz accepting his duel and conviction with honor. However as soon as the duel is begun, Ainz stops time, and instant kills Gazef, to the horror of Climb and Brain. Ainz stops his beast’s rampage against the Kingdom’s forces as a sign of respect to Gazef facing sure and certain death with honor and courage.

Overlord He Is Already Dead.png
Omae wa mou shindeiru.

Once back in the capital, we see the aftermath of the battle, with E-Rantel being given over to Ainz, and the only individual to stand up to him and his death knights being the Adamantite hero, Momon. Because of his random decision to pose as an adventurer, Demiurge and Albedo thinking that this was a long term strategy to allow the people to rally behind a champion/law enforcer who had their best interests at heart. And so we have the season end in a much better fashion than last, with a good amount and mix of backstory, world building, and overpowered bullshit. Unlike last season that I had to force myself through, I ran through this season with a better drive and more enthusiasm than even last season. I highly recommend it if the second season left you wanting, and rank this lovely bit of Madhouse Isekai goodness at a solid 9th level mage out of Ainz Ooal Gown.

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