Webtoon|Chiller – I Need to Stop Reading Alone in the Dark at Night…[Spoop Fest #6]

Webtoon|Chiller – I Need to Stop Reading Alone in the Dark at Night…[Spoop Fest #6]

Hello, hello!~ We’re continuing today’s BAYOG Spoop Fest post with a webtoon! We’ve already covered two horror/thriller anthology webtoons, [Shriek] and [Unknown Caller]. Today we’ll be covering Chiller. The 2015 webtoon is an anthology by various authors and artists, and published on LINE Webtoons. There is a total of 37 chapters.


As far as the anthology webtoons go, this one is probably one of my favorites. It’s got some really great stories. I liked most of them alot. Some are profound, and some are truly chilling. Some aren’t scary, but just leaves you feeling really sad. I also recommend reading it through the LINE Webtoons mobile app. It’s really immersive with the background music, sound effects, and using your phone’s vibration mode. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these! Here are some of my favorites:

Chapter 1| Life and Death by Dey [LINK]

This was apparently based on a true story that happened in a hospital. A woman is distraught after her daughter has just passed away. She has a nightmare of her daughter crying for her. Something is off and she’s certain that she can hear her daughter’s voice.

Another story by Dey, who also worked on a 2 chapters from Shriek. This wasn’t so much scary, but just…well…you’ll just have to read it.

This reminds me of Shutter.

Chapter 4| Possession by Yongseok Jo [LINK]
Two friends hang out and drink soju at a barbecue restaurant. One of the friends laments his current single status. He feels like he’s been cursed since his last relationship in high school.

Yo. I know, it doesn’t sound scary. However, this is one of my favorites out of the bunch. It’s very interesting because of the plot twists. Like, I could see part of it. However, I didn’t see that one plot twist coming.

Chapter 9| Group Chat by Seunghun Nah [LINK]
A female student passes away from an accident. A group of girls attending her funeral seemed like they were her close friends. However, the truth is that they bullied and extorted money from her under the pretense of friendship.

To be honest, this one isn’t super exciting. However, I did like the suspense at the end and how it was basically left to your interpretation. For me, I interpreted it as, “OOOOH GIIIIIRL!~~ Whatever happens is KARMA!” It’s satisfying when horrible people get what they deserve.

Chapter 11| Seek by Sini and Pogo [LINK]

A new transfer student joins the class. She seems a bit strange and everyone automatically sees her as a freak. To Subin’s dismay, the new student will be sitting in front of her. As Subin tries to sneakily text in class, she can’t help but feel that something is strange.

Yo. The laugh is kinda funny, but also creepy AF.

Chapter 12|Blackout by Minkyung Park [LINK]
Sooyeon’s relationships/hook ups never seem to last. Every time she drinks, she blacks out, wakes up with a bunch of bruises, and never remembers a thing. All the guys just seem to disappear too.

How BAYOG views me.

Chapter 15| Qwee-Ho-Ga-In by Yongjin Kim [LINK]

Sungcheol finished his military service and has decided to go back to school. He moves in the dorms and meets his new roommate. His roommate Jihu seems to extremely superstitious and paranoid. Perhaps he’s plagued by something Sungcheol can’t see…

I just really found this story interesting. And the creepy stuff does look creepy and gross…so…yeah. It kind of reminds me of drama called 싸우자 귀신아/Let’s Fight Ghost that starred Ok Taecyeon from 2PM…but in a not light hearted/funny way.

Chapter 18|Home Alone by Giryang [LINK]
A young boy is asked to house sit his uncle’s apartment. According to the uncle, he has a roommate. However, the unseen roommate seems to be out most of the time or keeps to himself. Ominous things start to happen as the boy starts to become more and more paranoid.

This sucks if you’re basically expecting that you’re basically home alone.

Chapter 20| Film by Subong Park [LINK]

A man who runs a photo studio has a strange client with some disturbing pictures.

This one is by the same author as Cherry Blossoms. As with Subong Park’s other works, the art and story are very simple. However, it builds great suspense with the music. This is another one that I thought really shone amongst the different chapters.

Chapter 21|Knock-Knock by Horang [LINK]

A taxi driver picks up a young girl with a suitcase. He has quite the conversation with her while driving. However, the fun and cheerful conversation starts to take a turn.

Horang is well known for the really famous horror webtoons that went viral, including the Oksu Station Ghost Story [LINK] (Yes, read with adobe) that is referenced in this webtoon. My favorite thing is how they show some of the reactions of the webtoon staff at the end haha.


Chapter 22| Bongcheon-Dong Ghost by Horang [LINK]
A high school girl is walking home late at night after her night-study sessions at school. She then seems to notice a strange woman some distance away.

As far as horror webtoons go, this is probably a classic. I remember it went viral years ago when it was only in Korean. LINE Webtoons finally released the official English version in Chiller. The webtoon opens up by stating that it’s based on true eye witness accounts. @rokutsu and @cmdrcluckcluck might remember this one as well~ There should be a reaction vid of this by Kenny @blackandyellowog and Loha @loheezy ~

Aaaaand my dumb ass didn’t learn my lesson from last time since I’m sitting here in the dark by myself…reading horror webtoons…with the volume on full blast. Why do I keep doing this to myself?? The anxiety is real fam…

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