Webtoon| Unknown Caller – Mobile Only Webtoon [Spoop Fest #5]

Webtoon| Unknown Caller – Mobile Only Webtoon [Spoop Fest #5]

Why hello loves~ We’re here to continue BAYOG’s Spoop Fest!~ Did you guys read Shriek? How’d you like it? Well today I’m here to talk about another horror webtoon fron LINE Webtoons!~

Unknown Caller [LINK] is another horror anthology series. You know the deal, each story is by a different author/artist. It’s an incredibly short series, with only 3 chapters/stories. However, it’s a bit different from the other horror anthology series on LINE Webtoons. While the other ones can be viewed on your PC and not just your phone, Unknown Caller is a LINE Webtoons app exclusive.


That means it can only be viewed through the app. The reason is because it will utilize your mobile functions to really immerse you into the story. Spoiler, I know. I don’t want to give the specifics though. It’s a bit funny, but it still surprises me when I read it. Just make sure that you do allow the app to use your phone functions.

[TRIGGER WARNING: Episode 3 does revolve around a suicide, where a student hung herself. There are may be some graphic images.]

It’s a short read with only 3 stories.

The first story is Room 201. A bunch of friends went on a trip and stayed in room 201 of a hotel. However, the fun and laughs don’t last when it doesn’t seem that they’re alone.


A young boy hasn’t had much sleep lately and is scared of being in his room. He tells his mother that he thinks that there’s a ghost in his room. She tells him, “There’s no such things as ghosts.” But are you sure about that?


A young high school student commits suicide. There’s a possibility that she killed herself due to being bullied. However, only the students know what the truth is. They may think it’s over with her death, but Somi has other plans.

Anyway, have fun~  To be honest, I wouldn’t say that the stories are all splendidly terrifying. However, I found it quite interesting how they really made use of your phone to make you a part of the story. I know it’s a short and simple post. Let me know what else you’d like to see for BAYOG Spoop Fest!~

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