Webtoon| 0.0 MHz — Creepy AF| BAYOG Spoop Fest #4

Webtoon| 0.0 MHz — Creepy AF| BAYOG Spoop Fest #4

Why hello BAYOG Fam!~ I’m continuing our BAYOG Spoop Fest with another horror webtoon! Again, I love horror. I’m also not one to get scared too easily. However, every now and then, there is something that will make me feel hella uneasy and send chills down my spine. Today’s webtoon is one of those things that has actually left me feeling kind of scared and creeped out. It’s hella disturbing, and the art feels really unsettling. That series is called 0.0 Mhz. I actually read the webtoon about 2-3 years ago, but it’s one of those series I can’t forget. The creepiness still lingers in the back of my mind sometimes. Also, it doesn’t help that when I read it, I was reading it at night…in the dark…when I was alone….  Don’t do what I did fam. Seriously, this one is scary as fuck.


A group of young adults ranging from 19-25 years old have interests relating to the supernatural. Their due to their different afflictions and experience with supernatural phenomena. Their fascination and curiosity about ghosts led them to forming a group that discusses and researches the supernatural. Their research leads them to an abandoned and supposedly haunted house. However, their curiosity will lead them to not only answers that they’re not ready for…but something sinister as well.


Again, this series is called 0.0 Mhz. It’s a Korean webtoon by Jang Jak. It was originally published in 2012-2013 through Daum, and the official English release was published by Spot Toon. I also just learned (like 10 seconds before this) that there is a live action movie in the works. It’s supposedly going to star Jung Eun Ji from the K-Pop girlgroup Apink,  and Lee Sung Yeol from K-Pop boygroup Infinite. I’mma look forward to it~


The webtoon’s art wasn’t really my style. However, the art style added to the creep factor. Seriously, the creepy images of the ghost are seared into my brain. 2-3 years later, I still randomly have it pop up in my head and freak me out… It does a fantastic job of leaving you feeling hella unsettled and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I think the webtoon had been completely dropped by Spot Toon. I can’t even find it on their website anymore. Such a shame, because it really was a fantastic horror webtoon. You can still catch fan translated chapters (from before the official release) floating around online though.


I remember being really drawn into the story, despite being scared shitless. I found the characters pretty interesting. I mean I was like “WHY ARE YOU DUMB BITCHES ALL LOOKING INTO SHIT YOU SHOULDN’T BE?!! THIS IS HOW YOU GET YOURSELF STUCK IN BACK JUJU/DOODOO!!” I understood that they all had some troubles due to different experiences with the supernatural. However, y’all were just looking for trouble… Still, I didn’t hate the characters.



Except this guy. Fuck this guy. He’s dumb and deserves everything coming at him.

But seriously, some hella bad shit.


6.jpgYou all thought Junji Ito’s works were creepy and scary? I loved Junji Ito’s works, but it doesn’t come as close to being as scary as 0.0 MHz. Like…y’all…I work on my posts late at night since it’s my only free time. My dumb ass thought it’d be a good idea to work on this now…at like 2 AM. My dumb ass thought it was a good idea to re-read this at 2 AM to refresh my memory and grab pics for the post. My dumb ass regrets everything right now… Seriously, if you want scary, read this…just…not at night and in the dark by yourself… (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Seriously though, this series is amazingly scary. However, it is not for the feint of heart.


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