2nd Funniest Show of The Season – Dropkick On My Devil!! Review

2nd Funniest Show of The Season – Dropkick On My Devil!! Review

I curse myself for the fact that I went with Asobi Asobase before this, because while Dropkick On My Devil!! was so damn funny, Asobi Asobase just killed it. That is definitely not to say that DOMD!! is not hilarious and awesome, just that Asobi was better. That aside, these are the two shows I’ve had the easiest time of keeping up with this season because they’re more fun to watch (as comedy) and easier to digest and write about (important for fighting off the slow attrition and laziness all Anibloggers must feel). There’s just something therapeutic about shows that explicitly don’t take themselves seriously and are fun 4th wall breakers.

Dropkick on My Devil!! Context
How I felt trying to keep up with things this season.

My last article was about the show as of mid-season and ended with how the show was blatantly pandering to it’s Amazon sponsorship, with Yurine praising their quick delivery of weapons and torture devices. They even managed to have an “Amazon Only, non-TV airing” episode. The second half of the season was the same happy-go-lucky devil torture fest that was the first half. We have more moments with Poporon and Pekola as their dynamic is fleshed out with Poporon becoming an amateur idol and Pekola continuing to suffer homelessness. We even have a comical time loop where Jashin being Jashin, tries to gamble over and over again, only to lose 17,711 times. One of my favorite episodes is on the end of this with Jashin realizing the gambling isn’t working and ends up in a bank robbery with Medusa, leading to the petrification of the aforementioned robbers. The last episode before the pseudo-final is a sweet one, with Pekola earning the affection and respect of her former subordinate turned idol, Poporon when she jumps in front of a crazed fan before he could attack Poporon. The other half of this episode is equally sweet, with Jashin-chan trying to figure out who Medusa is making Valentine’s Day chocolate for, with it turning out to be a surprise for Jashin herself.

Dropkick on My Devil!! Serious Jashin.png

Beyond the above events, we end up with some great character development of Jashin herself, with her not only becoming less shitty to her ATM Medusa, but even finding herself unable to strike down Yurine while she’s sick. More so, she ends up caring for Yurine until she is rested and recovered. This “final” episode ends with Jashin-chan rising up into the sky holding onto a balloon, to the horror of most of the cast as she drifts by, finally entering space. The true final episode however is little more than a fan service episode, but still in the theme of the main show. We see all the characters in swim suits, and there’s even a cameo from a Kraken, in the form of a massive squid who kidnaps and eats Jashin. The ensuing battle scene however is rather entertaining and well done, especially the battle music which is something that would not have been out of place in a fighting shonen series. More than anything it’s rather impressive to see something so out of the show’s normal range executed so very well.

After the Kraken fight, we have Jashin-chan pick yet another fight with Yurine, and after armoring herself up, we finally find Yurine going really legit. Like excessively so, with removing her eye patch and summoning a kick ass weapon, outfit, and companion. This fight scene is again, the kind of thing I’d expect from a fighting shonen series. However they do interject random bits of comedy into the fight scene, ending with all parties (relatively) healthy and (subjectively) whole and eating BBQ Kraken off a charcoal grill. Overall I’ve enjoyed all the components that make up this show and it’s been a wild and fun ride the whole time. The art is well done, ranging from adorable chibi-ish caricatures to highly detailed rage filled goth lolitas. Musically and VA wise, I have zero issues with the cast being very emotive and they never failed to make me smile. Much like Asobi Asobase (which has a confirmed season 2) I hope for a continuation of this hilarious show and would rank it at 8.5 dropkicking devils out of 10, something I recommend if you want to watch a silly show and laugh.

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