WEBTOON|Shriek — BAYOG Spoop Fest #1

WEBTOON|Shriek — BAYOG Spoop Fest #1

Hello BAYOG Fam!~ It’s basically October, and do you know what that means? Halloween! It’s the spoopy season~ AKA something I totally love because I love horror and scaring the shit out of people!~ Since this is something I’m all about, I thought the bros and I would try to do some posts appropriate for this wonderful season~ As BAYOG’s evil entity someone who loves horror, I’ll have some wonderfully spoopy stuffs for you guys. So y’all look forward to that MUAHAHAHAHA~~~ I’mma call these posts the BAYOG Spoop Fest~

Cheezus, I made this gif forever ago~

I can guarantee some scares and creepiness~ I am Minty, and my Thai people are amazing at horror shit. So you know it should be creepy or have some legit scares if I approve/recommend it!~ ♡ ~(‘▽^人)

Still my fav gif of Kenny~ I ain’t ever letting this die.

Alright! So I’m going to be kicking off our BAYOG Spoop Fest with a webtoon series called Shriek. [LINK]


It’s an anthology webtoon series from 2016. Each chapter and story is by a different author/artist. What makes this fun, like many horror webtoons, is that the chapters have music, sound effects, and moving images. It helps build a crazy, tense, and suspenseful atmosphere. This is one of several anthology webtoons (which I will of course be including in the later posts for this month).


I recommend reading these through the LINE webtoon mobile app. Sometimes it’ll make use of the functions on your phone to better the chilling experience~
Also, make sure to read these in the dark and while wearing headphones for the full experience!~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

That is…if you’re not a scared lil bitch~ muahahaha~


Of course not every story is amazing. Some are actually pretty dumb and/or boring. However, there are some great stories that give some wonderful scares huhuhuuuu~~ I’ve included the ones that I liked~


A Ghostly Job by Dey is the first chapter of this anthology. It’s very much like a typical Asian horror movie. However, it’s still freaky as fuck. I kinda expected it and it still freaked me out. [LINK].


Live by Danwoo is the second chapter of the anthology. It follows an internet broadcaster streaming himself as he tells a ghost story about his apartment that he’s filming from. In it, he also performs a ritual to communicate with the supposed murdered spirit. Again, very Asian horror movie-esque. Still freaky though. [LINK].


Scratching by Jinggook Lim is the third chapter. In this chapter a man hears some creepy scratching from outside of his apartment at night. He starts having nightmares about the scratching and something sinister outside. [LINK]


Spirits by Yongshin Kim is the fifth chapter of this anthology. Basically, don’t go around summoning shit and not expect it to bite you in the ass. That’s all on you boo. [LINK]


The Returned Girls by Ilgwon Goh is a story that left me feeling alot of mixed emotionss; From anger, sadness, to “OH SHIET”. It tells the story of a woman who was able to finally return home after the Manchu Invasion during the Joseon Dynasty. She faced quite the ordeal, but unfortunately did not come back to a warm welcome. [LINK]

Best Friends by Sejun Park isn’t really scary. It’s more of a suspense/thriller with the case of a seemingly creepy and obsessive roommate. [LINK]


The Past Life Game by Dey is the final chapter. Yes, Dey did two chapters. Dey is a fantastic artist and I did enjoy his other works. I included this just cuz… [LINK]

So what did we learn kids? Don’t fucking mess with supernatural shit, and don’t go sticking your nose in shit.
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Don’t forget to have salt on hand~
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Also….you should totally let the BAYOG bros know that you wanna see them do a reaction vid to these~ huhuhuuuuuu~~~
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