Motivation: Let’s talk

Motivation: Let’s talk

So, it has been quite some time. You’ve seen some posts here and there from me and others. I believe @rokutsu just put an article out sometime this week, go check that out! But I feel like overall we have been pretty inactive. Probably the most we’ve been in some time. I thought I should use this platform I have to just kind of vent about what life is right now and where we are with BAYOG.

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Ya boy went back to school to get his bachelors. I have a job in the field already as a web developer but I knew in order to… GO BEYOND(plus ultra) I needed to get my education somehow some way. As a software engineer/web developer, you can pretty much be self-taught but I NEED the accountability of school and I noticed I’m slightly behind many of my coworkers. It was a tough choice but thanks to all the support from my BAYOG homies, other friends and coworkers, I’m really making it work. You also may not know this but Nick is also going to school for his masters(I think) and working. Insane. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know if we would still be here as long as we have been.

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Bettering Myself

Going to just be honest here. I’ve been a big dude for quite some time. Never insanely overweight but over time it just started building up… UNTIL NOW. I finally said fuck this, I need to be healthier. For the last 2 months, I’ve been going to the gym about 3-5 days a week and meal prepping. I’ve learned a lot about myself throughout this which is cool but I’m mostly kicking myself for taking this long to address my health.

For those interested in getting into it too, start small. Drink lots of water and start taking small steps to be more active. Let all the other stuff come once you feel ready.

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I never thought I would be saying this but I feel very disconnected from anime right now. I feel like the only thing that has remotely interested me has been My Hero Academia but mostly because I’ve read ahead and just want to see how things play out. I feel that I really have to push myself to watch anything right now. It may be just because of how busy I am but I also just don’t feel any connection to anything really airing now. NOT saying I have no interest in anime. Just saying it is playing a part in my lack of presence on this blog and less shit posting on twitter.

BUT I probably will be talking about the MHA movie very soon. Stay tuned!

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BAYOG moving forward

I’m very committed to BAYOG. I had plenty of cool plans to bring new content whether it is our blog or our podcast. We are here to stay. As much as I shouldn’t be talking for everyone, I believe that’s where we are. I really want to make an effort to actually talk to my fellow anibloggers. Everyone seems super chill from my experience but just feels more like acquaintances versus friends. I want to change that.

Hopefully, this post wasn’t boring, too personal or just a waste of time. I just really wanted to talk to y’all and let you know where I’m at. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and ALSO PLEASE provide me with some anime recommendations to get me through this anislump. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I just wanted to say I’m so proud of you guys and all of your hard work. I know you guys are doing alot of things, but you always do your best with real life stuffs and BAYOG. I just wanted to say that it’s an honor being a part of this team with you bros~

    1. You also work really hard Mindy and have become such a big part of what we do so thanks for always being there:)

  2. Life can get super hectic sometimes, especially when we don’t expect it to or want it to, and it usually has to do with things we put on ourselves. I’m struggling with that right. Similarly, I have been trying to get into better shape so I can feel better about myself. It’s been really difficult, more so because I have a health condition that limits what I can do, and most of the time that is the biggest de-motivator for me. Taking the initiative and saying “Fuck this feeling” is an amazing step, and I wish you all the best with it. I know you can kick-ass and achieve your goals. I’ve also been feeling disconnected to anime. I think it has to do with the negative feelings I’ve had and just this year, to be honest. It’s been a tough year after a long time and it’s been sapping my energy for things I enjoy.

    I’m glad you can be introspective and do what you want to do to move forward. That, more often than not, is the biggest fucking struggle. I find you to be very inspirational and I love your guys’ work here. Always supporting y’all. ♥

    1. I know many people that also have physical limitations to what they can do but there is a way. Just the journey to find it is super hard. Always here if you need a friendly kick of motivation! I think small dietary changes go a long way so see where you can sub out stuff without finding yourself not enjoying food.I’m slowly getting back into anime. Just finished Steins; gate. Im just learning that I really need to watch shit that’s interesting to me that make writing for this blog less of a job but more as a hobby. And thank you for all the support this means a lot and I feel very motivated to get back to writing some posts. Keep up the good work also:)

      1. Indeed, there is always a way! I’m learning to work around mine and it’s a bit mind-blowing. it definitely helps me stay more positive and optimistic. 🙂 Thank you so much! I appreciate you Kenneth!

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