Drama Rant| My ID is Gangnam Beauty (Ep. 4) — So Many Eyerolls

Drama Rant| My ID is Gangnam Beauty (Ep. 4) — So Many Eyerolls

Hello loves~ I apologize for the delay of this post as I opted for a bit more of a serious post last week [HERE]. I’m here to continue my Drama Rant posts for My ID is Gangnam Beauty~ I previously did [Episode 2] and [Episode 3]. The first Drama Rant post was fun to work on. I apologize for Episode 3. There was alot of shit happening there. AHEM. Anyway, if you’re new…Drama Rant is just basically me ranting and reacting to K-Drama as I’m watching that episode. Let’s go~

Excuse me your Ssssssnake-iness…but you’re slipping out of your fake ass mask…


YAS BOI! You tell that Sssnake.

It’s mostly towards you…and cuz he can tell that you’re a fake ass Sssnake. 🐍
Also…girrrrrrlllll….Give it up already. The boy is not into you, and you’ll never be able to wrap him around your finger. CHEEZUS.

SAVAAAAAGE~ (ノ°∀°)ノ Bruh, I love you it.

DAMN BITCH. Wasn’t expecting that, huh?
It was at this damn moment that Soo Ah should’ve fucking realized that the dude wasn’t gonna fall for her bullshit. And the fucking moment she should’ve fucking stopped her bullshit already.

“Having fun flirting with that boy?” Bitch, you fucking blind??? First off, it’s painfully obvious that he don’t give a damn about her. Secondly, does this Sssnake Bitch look like she’s having fun? In what fucking way does this look like mutual flirting??

K-Pop Wtf GIF
Bitch, you fucking blind and dumb as hell…

Bros…why y’all so fucking extra??

YAS. That’s my smart cookie! This dude knows what’s up!

Bruh…I think she’s basically my favorite TV mom. I love how she’s completely on her daughter’s side no matter. I love this unconditional love and support she has for Mi Rae. Like she does a damn good job. *cries*

I love how real the mom is, and how she’s always straight up with the dad (sans hiding the fact that their daughter underwent a complete plastic surgery makeover).

Mi Rae’s dad looks like a fucking five year old running away as fast as he can because he got caught doing something bad…

She mad, but she still a kind and loving wife.

Yoooo….this was actually some pretty cute shit~

Giiiirl….why you so surprised when you snuck into HIS room to steal HIS beer…?? Like dafuq???

Giiirl…I make that guilty face when my parents catch me sneaking into the fridge late at night…

Awww!! He’s a hella concerned older brother… That’s fucking adorable as shit!~

I don’t blame you…you’re dad seems hella cold… He also seems like a hella fake asshole… No offense…

….this is pretty sweet…in a hella bittersweet way….

astrology zodiac signs GIF
Excuse me as I cry…

YOOOOOOOO…. This is me. I’m that hella paranoid and overprotective mom-friend!

You mean the son and daughter that look miserable AF? Lady in the back right knows what’s up.

Like seriously….y’all don’t find it the least suspicious that his kids don’t look very happy??

Where’s the lie though? LOL He’s basically acknowledging how fake his dad is.

Me and my friends in college whenever there was an event with free shit.


Yo…I like Junoflo…but it seems random AF to have him here. Like a rapper doesn’t really fit the image of perfume event. Especially with this brand. But *shrug* what the fuck do I know…

Giiiiirl….how did you not die after meeting an artist you idolized?? Like I almost died when my favorite artists just liked or commented on my video covers. I would have totally stopped breathing.

Hoseok GIF
….the fuck is with this extra shit????

On a side note…I fucking loved that they’re playing 10cm’s “Americano (아메리카노)” in the background~ I fucking love that song!~

Lee Ji Hyo…I’m getting pretty tired of your nosey ass shit.

Why the fuck do you care?? Ain’t none of your damn business.

Ji Hyo…I’mma punch in in the face and the boob if you don’t stop that shit. (°ㅂ°╬)

Y’all are fucking awful people. I’ll punch you in tbe boobs too! 凸(`△´#)

HOLD THE FUCK UP! THEY’RE PLAYING A BTS SONG IN THE BACKGROUND!~ Yoooo….and it’s 전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold), a song they collabed on with Steve Aoki!~It’s one of my favorite songs from the Love Yourself albums~ Yes, I’m a lowkey BTS fan…leave me alone…

I was too busy enjoying the background music…but it suddenly stopped because the whole serious drama bullshit…. I was enjoying the song you know….rude….

AWWW!! Look at smol Kyung Seok! Poor baby is terrified, but he’s being a great big brother and trying to not let his baby sister see…

“It might look like everyone’s just fine, but we’re all enduring our own hardships.”
Yo…that’s some real shit though….

Boiiiii….you stop that. Obviously trying to act like someone/something you’re not is not impressive. You look like a damn fool. Bruh…it’s starting to get really sad. Like she’s just not that into you.

I love how savage this dude is… But dude….you look like an Asian version of Steve. I’m just expecting Blue from Blue’s Clues to pop out at any minute.


miss a eye roll GIF
AY DIOS MIO….I hate everyone of these mother fuckers….

Um….Mi Rae…


Although I do this annoyingly cringey aegyo around my family too…just because I know it annoys the shit out of them.

Sames Hyun Jung…
Also this is the same exact face my sister makes when I try to pull aegyo on her…heh…

Yup…that’s my sister’s reaction too lol

I’m imagining that this is Nick @rokutsu LOLOL
I recently learned that he’s basically a Once. I’m not, but I do admit their songs are catchy AF. I’ll also hate myself now since I’ll probably have these stuck in my head tomorrow while at work….Fuu—–

Biiiitch….I know you up to something….

Yeah…you stay salty, Sssnake Bitch. 🐍🐍🐍

Welp…that’s it for this episode. I know Episode 3 was hella long. This is still new, and I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I want to do this. Personally, I think I would’ve preferred doing this is a reaction video because I apparently make weird faces and gestures while watching dramas. Buuuut….I don’t really know how to go about that so yeah… Anyways, have a lovely Sunday fam~

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