Symbiotic Psychos – Angels Of Death Review

Symbiotic Psychos – Angels Of Death Review

So for those of you that have been following us, you’ve probably noticed BAYOG has gone dark for the past couple weeks. We’ve been kinda falling behind on video content and articles so for that I’m sorry. I’ve been personally far too busy with work and I took a vacation this past week out of the country for the first time in over 10 years. While PAX, Vancouver/Victoria, Seattle, and just not being concerned with work were great, it’s good to be refreshed and back at it into the flow of things. I’m going to try and hit up more of our PUBG content and we’re trying to get back to some recordings so keep an eye out for that. With that out of the way let’s get to my review of Angels of Death!

Angels of Death Deadpan

Angels of Death is something that’s kinda had me really interested as I read more about it, culminating in me really enjoying it as I started watching. Turns out this anime is based off a RPG Maker game from 3 years ago and has really gathered quite the following. I was pleased to start watching again and find out that Crunchyroll’s HTML5 player, a feature long promised and just as long overdue. Our story begins with 13-year old Rachel Gardner as she awakens dazed and confused with amnesia in the B7 floor of a strange hospital-esque building. She takes an elevator up to B6 and finds herself on an underground warehouse district being chased by a bandaged individual wielding a scythe (voiced by the great Nobuhiko Okamoto a.k.a. our favorite screamy boi, Bakugo from My Hero Academia). Barely escaping with her life to B5, Rachel finds herself safe from the maniac and with the doctor who had been helping her with her counseling post-trauma of seeing her family die. She freaks when the doctor, Daniel “Danny” Dickens, attempts to take her eyes finally snapping when informed her parents are dead. Danny is subsequently killed by the scythe wielding maniac who violates the facility’s rules by killing on a different floor. He moves to kill Rachel but is disgusted by her demeanor and lack of response. In this I find my favorite draw to the show, which is that Rachel is completely deadpan and lacks emotion. Beyond the deadpan (which again I admit I love) Rachel has a unique request, which is to have the man, Issac “Zach” Foster kill her upon leaving the facility.

Angels of Death Rachel and Issac

Along the way they meet another few floor members who are their own brand of insane framing from the masked grave digger Edward Mason, the mad prison warden Catherine Ward, and a strange priest Abraham Gray. After all the fighting the two have found themselves in a unique symbiotic relationship. Rachel provides a sense of logic and intuition, with Zack being the raw instinct and muscle to get them through things. The show finds them striking a grand balance in each other’s lives even becoming closer and friendly with Zack referring to Rachel as “Ray” and seeming to have gained a sense of affection for her. We find Rachel being followed by Gray as she descends down to Zack’s original floor in order to obtain medicine to save him. During this time her deadpan nature hits level two and she begins to show an almost sadistic side where she passes through the past floors inflicting death and suffering upon the dead and dying. Finally it’s revealed that Danny is still alive and brokers a deal to save Zack in exchange for Rachel’s eyes. I’ll admit, I kind of found it stupid that Rachel couldn’t suture his wounds after she did her thing to the dead bird in the beginning nor use Zack’s bandages but beyond that I’ve enjoyed the show so far.

Angels of Death

Overall I’ve enjoyed the show and can’t wait to see what the second half (it’s apparently   16 episodes) has to offer. It’s a unique enough concept and even it’s origins as a RPG Maker game are less than standard, but have me interested and entertained. Out of all the things this season, few have kept me this attentive and I’m waiting to see how it ends up. Let me know if you are enjoying the show or what you think below and check out our other content!

Angels of Death Rey and Zack

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