Drama Rant| My ID is Gangnam Beauty (Ep. 3) — That’s No-No

Drama Rant| My ID is Gangnam Beauty (Ep. 3) — That’s No-No

Why hello loves!~ If you didn’t know, I’m starting a new series of posts called “Drama Rant”. It’s basically my rants and reactions as I’m watching certain drama episodes. Again, they’re not proper reviews. The drama series I’m currently doing this for is My ID is Gangnam Beauty. The series is based on the webtoon that I talked about [HERE]. I also did my first impressions post on the drama [HERE]. A mid-series and final impressions post will follow…eventually. In the meantime I’ll be doing these Drama Rant posts for every episode. I started with episode 2 [HERE]. Again, these Drama Rant posts will pretty much be full of spoilers. Although they’ll be missing the context, but I hope you enjoy these posts. Especially if you’re also watching the series~ Also, I shouldn’t have to, but as a reminder…everything I rant about is on the story and characters. I hold nothing against the actors themselves. Anyway, leggo fam!~

[WARNING: Again, Some Spoilers Ahead. Y’all Been Warned.]

Bruh. This is the exact reason why you’re not getting a girl. You’re an asswipe. Get the fuck outta here with that entitlement and “I’m hot shit” attitude.  Seriously, how dare you. You were the one being a desperate sleazeball trying to get with her. She was clearly, not interested in you. You flip flopped only because you’re assuming the freshmen hottie is into you. Again, if we were to go along with Soo Ah’s claim of holding Mi Rae as a dear friend, you fucked yourself over by doing this. No decent girl (or person for that matter), would want to get with someone who would be cruel and mean to their dear friend (or to any human being). If Mi Rae was my friend, I would’ve knocked you out (or at least kicked you hard in the nuts). Hell, even if I wasn’t, I’d still kick you in the face. You’re insulting her because she had surgery. It’s not a big deal. Only monster I see is you. You’re showing how fucking ugly you and your personality is. Remember dudes, don’t be like Kim Chan Woo. You’ll get rightfully rejected.



You’re the monster. Fucking Jackass… 凸(눈_눈) On a side note: Using my laptop’s touch pad to draw is hard AF…

‘ATTA GIRL! GO MIRAE!~ Seriously though, what the fuck did you expect to happen, Chan Woo? You can’t go around insulting people like that. Also you’re supposed to be the fucking sunbae (upper classman). Fucking grow up and act like it. Stop throwing a fucking tantrum like a bratty 5 year old. This is why no one likes you.

PREACH SIS! PREAAAACH!!! YOU TELL HIM. On a serious note though, it’s not nice to say shit like that to people. Keep mean things to yourselves. Some things can really damage people and inflict alot of pain. You don’t know what people go through. Therefore, keep all mean shit to yourselves.

LOLOLOL YOU FUCKING DESERVED IT. Seriously bruh…what did you think was going to happen? You bring a girl into a dark alley where you’re both alone. Then you go and fucking insult her. You then fucking raised your hand and basically threatened to hit her. You got knocked over by a little bag, yet you have the gall to act like tough shit still?? If it was me, you wouldn’t be awake right now. It’s barely a minute into this episode. I’m still full of rage and I wanna kick Chan Woo’s face still… 凸(°ㅂ°╬)

Mi Rae’s face looks like she’s saying, “STRANGER DANGER???!!!”

Damn girl…just knocking it out of his hand was kinda harsh. I mean, you don’t really know him other than the fact that he’s your TA/sunbae. Yes, he comes off as a bit sketchy.  So I understand being cautious, but this dude actually meant no harm. You could’ve been a bit more apologetic. I get you’re kinda traumatized because it seems similar to the situations with Chan Woo, but giiiirrrrl….you don’t need to get hung up on that loser.

Kyung Seok, sweetie, as cool as you are…this dude does make a pretty good point. You’re being a tad bit aggressive and suspicious to someone who wouldn’t know what your with Mi Rae relationship is like.

Ah…this hella cliched kind of scene. It looks hella awkward… ( ̄ω ̄;)

4 dudes in 2 separate taxis decided to escort her home. FOUR. In SEPARATE taxis.Y’all fucking extra as hell. ლ(¯ロ¯”ლ) Also the fact that the second taxi of dudes just kinda tagged along without notice is a bit creepy in my opinion.

Snake Bitch be lookin’ sketch as hell. On a side note: Who else would thinks this would be creepy as shit? Anyways, I told you she shady as hell.

I know exactly what you should say: MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS.
It ain’t nobody’s business whether you got plastic surgery, how much surgery you did, or why. Fuck ’em.

What in the awkward shit is this….?? Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)

I like bowl cut friend on the right. He basically says the shit I’ve been saying. In other words, “Bruh, why you being so extra???” Seriously though, it was a brief crush. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t even been a week since they all met at orientation… I’m also certain they don’t really hang out, so….

Le wild Snake Bitch appears… 🐍🐍🐍 Also, that’s fucking random as shit. I mean I guess it makes it less awkward between them considering the dude got rejected in front of everyone the night before. Still, who the fuck says that outta nowhere?

LOLOL I like the bowl cut friend. His face is all, “Bruh…What the fuck is wrong with you??” Dude, you cool with me.

big bang judging you GIF
Me and Bowl Cut Friend

This trifling chick… He’s obviously not interested in you. Also, that’s a dumbass question to ask Kyung Seok. He clearly was not a fan of Soo Ah’s “accidental” shit on Mi Rae the night before. So do you honestly think he’s gonna think well of you if you directly gossip about Mi Rae to his face?? ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)

No worries, I’m sure he didn’t notice that chili flake in your teeth. I mean he never even looked at you. Good thing he barely notices your existence. ┐(︶▽︶)┌

Kyung Seok be rollin’ his eyes hella hard. He ain’t buying the Sssnake Bitch’s lies~ 🐍 The boy be handsome and smart~ ( ̄ω ̄ )

OHHHHH SNAAAAAPPPP~~~ Bitch, you got called out!!! HAHA!~ And yes, I had to take another awkwardly timed screenshot~ ( ˘▽˘)

Kyung Seok is so savage! LOLOL I LOVE IT!~ That, ladies and gents, is the face of a Sssnake suffering from some serious burns~

Kyung Seok….sweetie…you can’t just suddenly ask people that!

Fuck….this dipshit is gonna start shit again. Shouldn’t you be too embarrassed from falling over from Mi Rae’s bag hitting you that one time?? Not to mention the embarrassment from the cafeteria. Bruh, do you not know what embarrassment or shame is??? 凸( ` ロ ´ )凸

Kyung Seok! Dude! I see where you’re coming from, and it’s a pretty valid point. Still, that’s hella harsh bruh…. ლ(¯ロ¯”ლ)

Oh, hey! Bowl cut friend knows what’s up! The fuck is his name again… *looks it up* Kim Sung Woon. Sung Woon, you cool in my book.

Bruh. Can you calm the fuck down?? You’re a sunbae in title only. You haven’t earned or deserved any respect. Get off your fucking high horse.

While I understand the whole seniority hierarchy in Asian culture, it’s like… Dudes, there’s *counts* like 12 of you. 12 of you against the one annoying, piece of shit sunbae that NO ONE likes. Not even the other sunbaes. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t give a shit if you went against him. (╬ Ò﹏Ó)

OH.MY.FUCKING.GOD. YAH! KIM CHAN WOO! Can you like, shut the fuck up? Stop throwing a damn tantrum because no one wanted to get with you. There’s an obvious reason why no one wants to be with you! If anything, you’ve proven yourself to be fucking ugly with your fucking ugly ass personality! 개새끼… (凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

헐!!! REALLY?? FUCKING REALLY?? Like you’ve shown yourself to be a fucking awful person. We’ve established that Soo Ah claims to view Mi Rae as a “dear friend” (even though we know that’s a bullshit lie). If you had any common sense, you’d realize that you’re destroying any chance of you looking good in front of your fucking “crush”, or any fucking girl. You dumb, piece of shit. (ノ°益°)ノ

YOU. FUCKING. DUMB. PIECE. OF. SHIT. Yeah, you destroyed any chance of you even looking like a decent human being. Ain’t no girl gonna get wit yo ass. You’re literally displaying violence against a woman. You’re threatening a girl and hoobae (underclassman). You’re risking getting kicked out of your university, as well as assault charges bruh. If anything, YOU should be on your knees asking Mi Rae for forgiveness. I’m done with this piece of shit. Someone kick his ass already— ୧((#Φ益Φ#))୨

HALLELUJAH! My prayers have been answered by our Savage Lord and Savior, Do Kyung Seok! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Fucking beautiful. (o¬‿¬o )

I do have to say, I’m really impressed with the mom in this drama. Despite not being a main character, she just left such a big impression on me. I can really feel how much she loves Mi Rae. Despite any trouble or worries, she didn’t hesitate to fully support her daughter. You can really feel how much she loves Mi Rae, and just how much she whole-heartedly wishes for her daughter’s happiness. o(TヘTo)

The actor who plays the dad is also really amazing as well. It’s interesting to see the contrast between Mi Rae’s parents. The dad clearly loves and cares for Mi Rae. However, he’s just a very stubborn and loving father. I think he’s just hurt that Mi Rae can’t accept herself and went behind his back to get the surgery. It’s just that he can’t see Mi Rae’s perspective…yet. Still, it’s great acting because I can really feel his emotions of a father who loves his child, but is just upset for the time being.

Hey, Won Ho…can you like stop. Bruh, you’re all talk. You’re rather annoying dude. You’re almost no different from Chan Woo…


This fake ass sssnake bitch. Giiiirlllll, you knew exactly what you did with your vague answers and suggestions. 🐍🐍🐍

Yes, I took another awkwardly timed screenshot. “Beautiful inside”? Nah, that’s a bit of a stretch. Y’all being fooled.

Your sketch intentions are showin’, Snakey. Also, you jelly???╮( ̄~ ̄)╭

The face I make whenever Sssnake Bitch or Chan Woo show up.

It was at this moment that Mi Rae knew she done fucked up.


Dat major eyeroll tho~ PREACH BRUHHHH!! Honestly, I didn’t really care about you before. However, you now have my attention. Say it louder for the dumb prick to hear again!~

LOLOL Buuuurrrrrn. You’re gonna need a shit ton of aloe after getting hit with this shit Chan Woo. Might I recommend Nature Republic’s 92% Aloe Gel? +1 for Woo Young sunbae.

Oh my. How very Cheese in the Trap…. ( ̄~ ̄;)
Please don’t be a psychopath…

Maybe it’s because you’re a Sssnake…or maybe…
Just hear me out…maybe…just maybe…

The look of shock on Soo Ah’s face… The moment you can see her pride and confidence being damaged…
I LOVE IT. ٩(ఠ益ఠ)۶

That was pretty cute and funny. I love these two. I hope they become great friends…or something more…
I’d ship it~ (・ω<)☆

Hey Chan Woo, this is what you do when you’re wrong and being an ass. Learn from Kyung Seok and learn to reflect and apologize mother fucker.


Am I the only one disturbed by everyone’s obsession with Soo Ah?? Also “Just do that”?? Like, wtf does that even mean bruh???

Bruhhhhhh….that’s exactly what I said about Chan Woo too!

Awww…how nice! See, that’s what a sunbae is supposed to be like!

Σ(°ロ°)!!! Bowl Cut Bro! Bruhhh! It’s kinda getting scary how you end up saying the same exact things I’m thinking/saying…

Instead of being so damn salty… How about you go and get your shit together ya bastard…(凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

All this over a girl tying up a damn pony tail?? Are you fucking serious?? Y’all so fucking extra as shiiiiit…. (; ̄Д ̄)

No they don’t look like a fucking couple. Kyung Seok doesn’t even really look like he acknowledges her existence. Also, Won Ho…dude…you gotta calm your shit and move on already. Sweet cheezus.

This is what you call a hella salty Sssnake Bitch. I love every moment her pride is hurt from Kyung Seok caring about Mi Rae, but not giving a shit about Sssnakey. Also, look at that. I bet you the Sssnake Bitch be scheming something.

Bruh. Fuckin’ called it.
Bitch, git yo ass up and walk it off. It ain’t nothing, ya damn drama queen.

LOLOLOL That’s right you petty and salty Sssnake. They still don’t care about you!(╯✧▽✧)╯

Well… That was a hella long and eventful episode. I apologize for how long this post was. I didn’t know there’d be alot of stuff going on. Mostly the fact that I absolutely hate Chan Woo and Soo Ah. I don’t hate the series, but I don’t love it yet. I’m just sticking around and waiting for Chan Woo and Soo Ah to crash and burn~~~

I will say that the series is a wonderful lesson to everyone on what NOT to do if someone rejects you. Seriously, don’t pull a Chan Woo. Don’t be like Won Ho either. Obviously, don’t be a Sssnake Bitch either. That’s just no-no dudes…



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