Drama Rant| My ID is Gangnam Beauty (Ep. 2) — I Need to Slap Someone

Drama Rant| My ID is Gangnam Beauty (Ep. 2) — I Need to Slap Someone

Why hello loves!~ I was almost forced into a hiatus for a while due to issues with my laptop… Luckily I had the issues fixed and I’m back in business!~ That being said, I do want to try something different. Rather than just my usual reviews, I thought I’d do something like a Drama Rant/Reactions post. You know how sometimes you watch something and you’d want to talk to friends about it? Yeah, well that’s what we’re going to do fam! I’ll be doing this for now with My ID is Gangnam Beauty, since it’s still currently airing.  I did a first impressions post on it last time [HERE]. I will most likely be doing my usual first, mid-series, and finale review posts later. These Drama Rant posts will be more like my ramblings and reactions to certain parts or bits as I’m watching the episodes. I’ll most likely do these every episode or every 2-3 episodes. That being said, they will most definitely be filled with some spoilers. Join me if you don’t mind spoilers, or if you’re currently watching it too!~

Originally, I was going to just do this Drama Rant post on episode 3 as I was watching it. However, I think figured I’d just start with episode 2 since they’re pretty tied together. Again, these posts are not proper reviews. They’re just my random rants as I watch the series~

[Again, Spoilers Ahead. Y’all have been warned.]

Why do people think walking in the rain without an umbrella is cool? I get it’s to make the main dude look all broody and whatever. Then you got these dudes in the background trying to copy him so they can look cool to the girls. Bruhs, you don’t look cool. You look dumb for having an umbrella and choosing not to use it.

Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but…. Nah, I’m sayin’ she a gold digger.

Bruh…give me soju, then we can talk. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Actually, I’d probably make this face too…but I’d still want the soju…

OH! HYUKOH’s “Wi Ing Wi Wing (위잉위잉)” is playing in the background! I fucking love this song!~ I appreciate this~ (♡°▽°♡)

Oh great, more hella fake asses in this series. Would no one question this to be hella fake and an obvious way to mooch off good PR?

Bruh. What are you doing here? GTFOH. 凸(`△´#)

He actually seemed somewhat nice and genuine here? I was starting to think I was being a harsh bitch….

Le wild snake appears. Oh, you hella sketch AF bitch.

“S” for Soo Ah~ “S” for SNAKE~ 🐍🐍🐍

Aw hell naw. This lil’ bitch.

Fuck you, you entitled prick. I wanted to reach in and slap this asshole.

Bless Do Kyung Seok’s heart for tripping this mother fucker. ∑d(°∀°d) Also bruh, you a little shrimp next to Kyung Seok. You think you can brawl?? LOLOL GTFOH. (」°ロ°)」

Ah, this is what’s referred to as “manner hands”. Notice how he’s helping her and supporting her, but not touching her. What a gentleman. Nice job, Kyung Seok~

Bitch, please….

You fucking fake snake ass biyotch… 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

Bitch, please! Go buy your own—

I love you already.

Aw~ What a gentleman~

LOLOL DENIED. That boy don’t even give a damn about you. Drink it yourself, you sssnake.

I don’t like the snake, but I don’t blame her here. That was hella awkward and rude AF. Dudes, don’t pressure a girl by confessing to her in front of a crowd. It’s a personal matter, and a girl should never feel pressured to say yes. So I’ll side with the snake here. You lucky she let you off easy.

Boyyyyyy, you being hellaaaaa extra. Also, I love iKON’s “Love Scenario”. However, it felt weird here. I’ve been listening to the song alot lately and thought I accidently left Spotify playing in the background. I love the song, but it doesn’t really fit as a drama insert song…

Oh no she didn’t! Dis bitch… I’mma take an awkward screenshot of you just because I can’t go in and slap you. And honestly, who the fuck cares whether someone got surgery or not. It ain’t nobody’s damn business.

Ohhhh~~~ Bitch got called out! I loved how he doesn’t fall for her bullshit.

MFW Kyung Seok calls the Snake Bitch out~

Dis fake ass snake bitch… Bitch, I’mma slap you.

Boyyyyyy, you got rejected already. You do not own her. I hate the bitch, but you don’t have that right. You do not look cool or like a knight. You sound like an entitled prick. You’re not scoring brownie points. This is a turn off and why you got rejected. A person is their own person. You have every right to feel what you feel and to love who you love. However, you also have to respect others. If they’re not into you, they’re not into you. A person is a person, not an object. You do not own them, and you’re not entitled to them. GTFOH with that entitlement.

The same goes to you Mr. Asshole. Just fucking respect people and their decisions. Even if this bitch is clearly playing you.

Someone get me my rusty axe. Fuck this dude. You can’t go insulting people because you didn’t get your way. What the fuck are you? 5 years old?? Also we’re under the supposed assumption that Soo Ah sees Mi Rae as a dear friend. Who the fuck insults the friend of the girl you like?? Your chances would now be even lower, if not completely gone. I really want to kick this dude in the face. In the meantime, I’ll settle by having this awful and awkwardly timed screenshot.

As you can see, this drama gives me alot of rage. Welp, until next time BAYOG Fam~
Who’s watching this series and finished this episode? What did you think??

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it haha~ I thought I’d try something new, so I wasn’t really sure if it would catch anyone’s interest haha~

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