Monster Hunter World is on PC!

Monster Hunter World is on PC!

The game I raved about back in January has finally been ported to PC! Monster Hunter World has now recently broken 10 million after a mostly successful launch on PC. The PC version currently has the balance and quality of life patches that the consoles currently have, but is behind on content, meaning no Deviljho, Kulve Taroth, Lunastra, or Behemoth, or any of the events for that matter. But Capcom has said they would speed up the release of content for PC to soon catch up to consoles. Aside from the few technical issues, the game is exactly the same as the console version (but with so many extra frames) and by now you’ve seen countless reviews already. I’ve already logged 80+ hours on PC since release on top of the 300+ I’ve logged on PS4, so it’s pretty clear how much I really enjoy this game.


What I do wanna talk about though is a few tips for the new hunters joining the franchise and my personal wishlist for future content now that Capcom has gotten the PC port out of the way. Let’s get started!

Tip #1: Use Armor and Item loadouts


Item loadouts make both prepping for a hunt and cleaning your item pouch as easy as a click of a button. You can prepare multiple loadouts for various situations, for instance, I have one general purpose loadout I bring to every hunt with traps and various other items I may need like antidotes or cool drinks and one made specifically for elder dragons which exclude things ineffective or unnecessary on an elder dragon hunt. If you use your radial menu, keep in mind the items bound to it are tied to item sets so remember to register your item set again if you change your radial menu.


Armor sets, on the other hand, are just for the equipment you are using. It is most useful if you use multiple weapons or even different builds for the same weapon. Instead of digging through your inventory to change all your armor you once again simplify it to a few simple button clicks. It has the added benefit of properly slotting the decorations you have registered to the armor set so that one attack boost gem can be used everywhere!

Tip #2: Take time to learn your weapons and all your tools


There is no right way to play Monster Hunter, but there sure are a lot of wrong ways to play. Knowing all the mechanics of your weapons and tools and utilizing them to the best of your ability to slay the monster is ideally what is expected of players. People who do things like not charging their shield with a charge blade, not going up to red sword gauge with a long sword, not getting red extract with insect glaive, or people who sit in the corner and play hunting horn like a support and not touch the monster are prime examples of a “wrong” way to play.

Tip #3:  Take the time to learn the maps and the monsters in them


Knowing the maps and the monsters is also a massive benefit to the flow of gameplay. Figure out where monsters typically hang out so you can go straight to them at the start of the hunt and so you can beat them to their nest when they get weak. Learning the monster helps the flow of the fight, you’ll know what you can dodge and how greedy you can get with your attacks. The way I learned monster behaviors was to hunt them solo because they focused on me alone so I had literally all their attention all the time.

Tip #4: Play with friends!


One of the most satisfying things about Monster Hunter is successfully taking down a tough monster with friends. While it may get annoying chasing after monsters who chase your friends, you can easily cut down on the chasing by staying closer together as a group and if the monster does get away, just wait where you are, it will come back. With friends, hunts go faster, hunts are more fun, and you all can experience heartbreak together when you face a tempered Kirin. At the end of the day, fun is the biggest factor in any monster hunter.


“But Marc, what could possibly be on your wishlist if Monster Hunter World is already so good?” Well it’s a good thing you asked that. World is missing a few of my favorite monsters and I would very much love to see them in this game. Monsters such as Tigrex and Nargacuga were some of my walls in the past and the hunters starting with World aren’t able to experience that pain. Other favorites like Zinogre, Brachydios, and the Magalas would be welcomed additions too. It would be nice to see a new weapon introduced, or port over either the prowler or the tonfas from frontier, but that’s definitely more work than bringing old monsters into the game. Generations was amazing because of how grand its monster roster was and Generations Ultimate is expanding on that even more. I’d love to see World have the plethora of monsters in the game as well so everyone can experience what it’s like to fight the notable monsters of previous generations.

Just remember to have fun and play the game and realize, it doesn’t get easier, you just get better. Happy hunting everyone!

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