Doroppukikku!!! – Dropkick On My Devil!! Review

Doroppukikku!!! – Dropkick On My Devil!! Review

I was originally slated to do an article on either Angel of Death or Monster Hunter World. I had neither the time nor energy to adequately work on and do these. What I did have time for between working far too many hours at work, was Dropkick On My Devil, or Jashin-chan Doroppukikku. This hilarious show was on my maybe list and I opted to watch this instead to give it a shot along with Happy Sugar Life and see what is good this season. While Happy Sugar Life was a happy show that you should totally go watch expecting a happy go lucky show, Dropkick On My Devil is just funny. At first I was looking into this as a Pho-Show, because our BAYOG friend Phouthone has a thing for eye patches and this show happens to have a main character donning one such patch. I ended up getting far more than I bargained for in this light-hearted and rather meta comedy.

Dropkick On My Devil!! Cast.jpg

The above cast is a slew of hilarious and colorful individuals that populate the show. We have the plot of the show actually explained in the 90 second intro and we’re drop kicked right into the show with little more than that. The gist of it is that Yurine Hanazono (our Gothic Lolita with the eye patch) is a witch who summoned our half-viper and titular devil, Jashin-Chan to Earth. Jashin-Chan is stuck here until she can end the life of Yurine, and while the intro makes it seem like this is much more hazardous of a scenario, turns out Yurine is rather capable, and more importantly, sadistic. Jashin’s antics and murder/assassination attempts are handled much like Assassination Classroom, where the attempts are easily stopped but unlike AssClass, Jashin-Chan does not receive a life lesson, but a bladed weapon to the body, face, tail, or all of the above. Fortunately/unfortunately she regenerates after some time as a censored pile of meat, something the the show is rather aware of and makes numerous jokes about.

Dropkick On My Devil!! Yurine.jpg
Not dragon tail, but much closer, and much tastier evidently…

So the rest of the cast is very reminiscent Gabriel Dropout, in that it is mostly angels and devils who are getting along to some extent, but the characters are all rather interesting in their own right. Beyond Jashin-Chan the other two devils are her childhood friends, Minos, a busty and happy-go-lucky Minotaur, and Medusa, a gullible gorgon highly abused by Jashin-Chan, regularly shaken down for money and favors to never be repaid by Jashin. Aside from them is the fallen angel, Pekola who lost her halo and heavenly powers, currently homeless and constantly starving. The rest of the cast is constantly abused and demeaned by Jashin, especially Medusa and Pekola and only kept in line by Yurine and her insanely violent tendencies towards Jashin whenever she steps out of line. They’ve also recently been teasing/introducing new characters such as Poporon, Pekolo’s previous subordinate, and Mei, a crazy police officer obsessed with “collecting” Jashin-Chan. One of the best parts of the show however is the slew of meta jokes, poking fun at the show being picked up for anime, Jashin’s constant regeneration, and best of all (in my opinion) the very fact they are hosted by Amazon.

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So with that, I just have to highly recommend you to try this show out. In no time flat I caught up on it and really enjoyed every bit of it. I admit I love these angel/devil trope comedies and really and truly enjoyed it. If you need a pick me up and have an enjoyment of comedy, by all means give this a shot and let me know what you thought!

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