Surprisingly Good – Magical Girl Site

Surprisingly Good – Magical Girl Site

So last season, @cmdrcluckcluck got me to try out a show called Magical Girl Site, citing that it was in fact something very akin to the grimdark depressing tragedy of Madoka Magica. This show met that and more, with an introduction to Aya Asagiri, the most tragic and depressing girl I’d seen in an anime in quite some time. Over the rest of the show we actually find that she had eventually become a more happy and hopeful girl as she meets more magical girls and becomes more and more friendly. As mid season wrapped, we found our girls encountering more magical girls and becoming allied with them, sharing more intel such as the existence of other site administrators. It starts out all nice and happy, until Rina comes in to the class to the horror of Aya and Yatsumura because Nijimin just loses her shit and tries to kill her. A bit of a scuffle later they find themselves facing off with the other magical girls in a park and Nijimin loses her panties and find themselves all in an uneasy peace to combat the site admins. They wrap finding out that while the emo Kosame healed their wounds, they will all die anyway sooner as their life force has still been drained, especially Yatsumura who’s one serious use away from death.

Magical Girl Site No Shit Sherlock

While this episode starts dark and vengeful, it surprisingly swaps to being needlessly happy fan service. The girls hit up the beach and relax and do beach stuff until Bakugo Kaname shows up and breaks into the locker above and steal Nijimin’s panties. After her stalker goes apeshit, Kaname proudly describes himself as a god (wearing panties) and commands said stalker to walk into the ocean, and stab himself in the heart. Aya pulls a full stupid moment and decides to not inform anyone after seeing her brother pull this shit. Beyond that, Nijimin is still stupidly in love with him, and one of the new Magical “Girls,” Kiyoharu Suirenji reads both of their minds to understand the situation.

Magical Girl Site Oh Bakugo...

A bit of Site Admin infighting, we find that the magical girl Ringa Sayuki who is also the heir to a Yakuza family. While many of the girls headed there, Nijimin went off to meet Kaname and some branch off, including Kiyoharu, who’s real power turns out to be mind control. While Kaname goes full evil and demonstrates himself to Nijimin, ordering her to kill herself, Kiyoharu intervenes, sending the physically enhanced magical girl Asahi. By pre-planning, Kaname has Nijimin choke Asahi and brainwashes her to go off and kill the one who brain washed her. After swiftly fisting Kiyoharu, the girls retreat to Ringa’s estate, with Kaname and Nijimin in tow. After disabling the guards and the girls, Kaname monologues and Nijimin is freed by the healed Kiyoharu. In a rage, Nijimin lashes out at Kaname and is struck down, but not before jamming a broken bottle into his throat. In the midst of this, all the girls are gassed by an unknown and invisible individual and Kaname is whisked away.

Magical Girl Site Kaname
Goodbye evil brother.

Not to be heartless but Nijimin’s death is all Aya’s fault. The intro song pipes in with Nana singing it to my horror and we’re reminded of how depressing this show could be. I also seem to have overlooked how happy Nijimin was, reminded as Aya spirals into depression. Again, it is hard to not blame Aya, but I’m proud of her in the end. Instead of wallowing she decided of her own accord to cease being weak and become stronger to protect those she cares about. She then sets off to the funeral of Nijimin which is treated as a massive event and at the last moment, a bomb sets off and destroys the hall. Much to the surprise of the other girls, Sarina has sided with them in a rare display of not being stupid evil. This has become a right proper magical girl show now with everyone deciding to stay a magical girl.

Magical Girl Site GIRLS.jpg

So the plan to kidnap one of the site admins starts out and we have the plan go to shit quickly, with Rina fighting them off and being stomped. Introducing Yatsumura’s near death as a not bad nerf on Yatsumura’s time stopping stick was fun as Aya teleports them up and the defeat the site admin, revealing her to in fact be a normal girl. In an unexpected turn of events, Nana turns up and lays out the girls, with Yatsumura giving up her life to protect the others. In another even more unexpected turn of events, we find that Yatsumura is offered the chance to become a site admin and embarks on a spree to kill Aya, completing her transformation. During this, Rina stepped up to not be a bitch and save the mortally wounded Sarina and Ringa somehow channels her inner Thor to Katana the crap out of Hachi. To be perfectly honest it’s surprising that they’ve made it so that you care everyone will eventually die and it surprised me that I’m that invested in the show. In a bout of comical moments, Lesbian Love saves the world once again and man, Yatsumura is terrible at strangling folks. She snaps out of it and her and Aya combo to kill Nana, bringing us back to where we were in the beginning of the series. We end with the two of them finally referring to each other by their first names and I comically joked how perverted that was and “what’s next, holding hands?”

Magical Girl Site LOVE.png

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  1. Plot twist: I never actually finished watching the anime, nor read further than I got in the anime. I was never in the mood to continue it apparently, but I knew it was something @rokutsu would enjoy.

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