Drama| What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim — First Impressions – Hella Cliche, But Enjoyable

Drama| What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim — First Impressions – Hella Cliche, But Enjoyable

Hello, hello loves~ Again, I’m trying to slowly ease back into Real People Stuffs! I’ve said it before, but Goblin was my favorite drama. It really set the bar on my expectations for a drama now. Sadly, I had a hard time getting into any dramas after Goblin. The ones I did watch were either alright, or mostly disappointing. I had a few dramas on my list to check out though. However, I recently started a series called What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. I started it on a whim, and because I love Park Min Young (She’s super pretty~).


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim was originally a 2013 web novel by Jung Kyung Yoon. It was then made into a webtoon [English Version Here] in 2015. The drama aired June 6, 2018 – July 26, 2018. It starred Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young as the leading characters. It also has Lee Tae Hwan of 5urprise as the second main lead. Actor Kang Ki Young and Chansung (Member of the idol group 2PM) are also included in the cast.


Lee Young Joon is a perfect man. He’s chaebol (from a rich and successful family) whose family runs a large and successful company. Young Joon is not only rich, but he’s incredibly handsome and intelligent.  It’s no wonder that he’s the vice president who makes sure that everything is run in tip top shape. His only flaw is that he can be incredibly arrogant and narcissistic. He’s a tough boss who accepts only perfection and hates incompetence. The only one who can handle him is his secretary. Having working by his side for 9 years, Kim Mi So is the only one who can handle him. She’s perfect for him, but she suddenly announces that she’d like to quit. Young Joon can’t understand why Mi So wants to leave, nor does he want her to leave. He comes to the conclusion that she must have feelings for him; Afterall, he is the perfect man. He tries everything he can to get to stay. Does Young Joon really just not want to lose his perfect secretary, or perhaps there’s something more?


Okay, so this drama wasn’t really on my radar when it first came out. I never even planned on watching it. It had already been airing for a few weeks. I was just looking for something to kill time and saw that Park Min Young was in it. If you can’t tell, I love her. She’s so talented and pretty. I wasn’t expecting much. I stopped being hopeful while watching dramas after the mess that was Hwayugi (I’ll forever be bitter about that series). However, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself really enjoying this drama! It’s got a lighthearted, warm, fuzzy feeling. It is a romantic comedy afterall. It’s full of cute scenes and laughs. This drama also had alot of typical K-Drama tropes and cliches. Overuse of cliches and tropes typically make me cringe and want to drop a drama. It just seems so unnatural, forced, and/or ruins the flow of the drama for me. However, I just found it incredibly cute and funny, and not cringy at all! We all know how I struggled to find an even decent drama after Goblin. Guys, I think I finally found it…I finally found a good drama! I’m crying tears of joy!~ At the time of writing this post, I’ve finished 4-5 episodes. I also did read a few chapters of the webtoon to get a feel of the source material and live action adaptation.

[Some Spoilers Ahead]



6f1418524d76697429db329846d45882Lee Young Joon – Vice President of Yoomyung Group. Our leading male lead is portrayed by popular actor Park Seo Joon. I actually have never watched any of his previous works. However, I do know he has alot of popular dramas and movies under his belt. I heard that he originally faced alot of flack when it was announced that he’d be taking the role. People thought he wasn’t handsome enough or some bullshit. Apparently the critics and skeptics shut up though, because he proved to have done a great job at playing his role. Young Joon is a chaebol. He’s the second son of a large and successful conglomerate, Yoomyung Group He’s incredibly cool, handsome, smart, multilingual, and is the company’s vice president. He’s a perfectionist and is a fierce boss. However, he shows that he’s doing a great job and knows what he’s doing. His only flaw is how incredibly arrogant, self-absorbed, and narcissistic he is. Ah~ Typical K-Drama trope. [Typical K-Drama Trope Tally: 1] He can also seem incredibly insensitive at times. This is typically due to misunderstandings; Mostly because as a chaebol, he’s not used to common folk stuff. He seems tough and cold, but he can be a very caring guy…a real softie at times. [Typical K=Drama Trope Tally: 2] Everyone is on their toes when they’re around him. The only one who can deal with him is his secretary, Kim Mi So. She’s been working for him for 9 years. She works perfectly in sync with him. However, he doesn’t know what to do when Mi So suddenly announces that she wants to quit. He seems unable to accept  the fact that she no longer wants to work for him. Young Joon gets the wrong idea that she no longer wants to work with him because she must have feelings for him. He tries everything he can to get her to stay. However, what Young Joon doesn’t realize is that perhaps Mi So isn’t just a secretary to him. [Typical K=Drama Trope Tally: 3] He doesn’t even allow anyone to touch him. The only person he does is Kim Mi So. He doesn’t give second chances, but he’s always willing to give Kim Mi So another chance. There’s some bad blood between him and his brother, whom he wants to keep away from Mi So.

79814bcef36940db91c5e0922083ce6b.gifShe’s so pretty and I can’t believe she’s 32 already…

park-min-young-whats-wrong-with-secretary-kim-poster-ahjummamshies.jpgKim Mi So – Secretary Kim. She’s portrayed by popular and beautiful actress Park Min Young. Park Min Young is known for a long list of popular works such as: High Kick!, City Hunter, Healer, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Queen for Seven Days, Remember, Princess Ja-Myung, and Doctor Jin. She’s also known as Lee Min Ho’s (City Hunter, Boys Before Flowers, The Heirs, Gangnam Blues) ex-girlfriend. They dated for a while after starring in City Hunter together. She’s definitely one of my Korean drama girl crushes. Mi So has been serving as  Young Joon’s secretary for 9 years. She knows him very well and they work perfectly in sync together. In a way, she’s almost like a wife or significant other. She prepares his clothes, ties his tie, and is always prepared to help him in any situation.Young Joon never allows any woman to get close to him or touch him, but Mi So is an exception [Typical K=Drama Trope Tally: 4]. It’s incredibly natural. She’s known as a beautiful and perfect secretary who is responsible and dependable. His family seems to approve of her and basically ships them together. Mi So’s older sisters also question if there is something between the two of them. However, both Young Joon and Mi So deny having that kind of relationship. They state that they were only in a working kind of relationship and nothing more.  Despite being perfectly in sync with Young Joon, Mi So suddenly announces that she is quitting. Due to some misunderstandings and being self-absorbed, Young Joon comes to the conclusion that Mi So is quitting because she must have feelings for him [Typical K=Drama Trope Tally: 5]. However, the truth is that Mi So just wants to live her life and find herself. She’s only ever spent every moment as Young Joon’s secretary, and to cover her family’s debt. She’s almost 30 and just wants to live a normal life. Most importantly, she’s never dated and just wants to date, find love, and get married one day. Mi So does a great job as Young Joon’s secretary. She has learned alot after working for him for 9 years. She knows exactly how to deal with various situations. However, she’s not quite sure what to make of the situation of the Vice President going as far as to offer marrying her if it’ll stop her from quitting. She always seems to be chipper and smile at everything. She always seems to be cool and optimistic. However, she has things she’s scared of. She’s also a romantic, and enjoys reading novels about love. Her favorite author is a mysterious author named Morpheus.


Lee Sung Yeon – Morpheus. He’s portrayed by Lee Tae Hwan, the youngest member of 5urprise. 5urprise is an actor group that also includes popular actor Seo Kang Jun (Cheese in the Trap, Are You Human Too?, Roommates). Apparently Tae Hwan was also in High School King of Savvy, W, and Come Back Mister. Despite playing the older brother of Park Seo Joon’s character, Tae Hwan is actually 7 years younger than Park Seo Joon! The dude is hella tall though. I’m surprised he’s actually quite a few years younger than me too… Anyway, Lee Sung Yeon is Yoomyung Group’s oldest son. Despite being the oldest son, he’s not involved with the family business at all. Instead, he lives abroad in France. He’s a successful novelist and publishes under the pseudonym Morpheus. He’s not only successful, but handsome as well. However, he keeps his identity as a secret. Everyone knows Morpheus as a talented, but mysterious writer. No one knows his face or identity. He has a bad relationship with Young Joon [Typical K=Drama Trope Tally: 6]. He’s had a few run ins with Mi So and seems to have an interest towards her [Typical K=Drama Trope Tally: 7]. However, it’s unsure whether it’s genuine interest or if it’s to piss off his brother.

These are your main characters. The drama is also incredibly enjoyable with the supporting cast as well. I especially like Park Yoo Sik, portrayed by Kang Ki Young (Oh My Ghost!, Bring It, On Ghost, Comeback Mister, W, While You Sleeping, Queen For Seven Days). Yoo Sik works at Yoomyung Group and is Young Joon’s confidante and best friend. He’s one of your comedy relief characters. Yoo Sik listens to Young Joon and gives him advice, or points out how off he is. His reactions are always hilarious, but what he says is pretty true. We’re all Yoo Sik.
Your other main comedic relief is Bong Sera. She works in the Secretarial Department at Yoomyung Group. She’s that hellaaaaaaa extra, at times annoying, but pretty funny character. There are many other fun characters, but these two are the funniest.

They’re practically like hubby and wifey already…

The drama is full of hella cliched K-Drama tropes. It’s probably like 90% cliched tropes. Usually I despite overuse of cliched tropes. I find it hella cringy. At times I find that it just seems forced and it ruins the flow of the drama. However, I found it incredibly cute in this drama. They made it work. I couldn’t even get mad. I didn’t even cringe! I think the main reason why is the chemistry between the two characters. If you read my Hwayugi reviews, you’ll know that was one of the issues I had. I found it hella cringy, and I hard a hard time buying into the sincerity between the two characters.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim starts off a bit similar in a way. The reason is that initially, neither held any feelings for one another. They genuinely only thought of each other as colleagues with  a strictly platonic working relationship. However, Young Joon one sidedly and mistakingly thinks thinks Mi So wants to leave because she holds feelings for him. So he offers her the one thing no one can seem to have: him. He offers to marry her so she won’t leave. However, it’s initially not because he has feelings for her. It’s because he cannot accept such a change. However, viewers will notice that perhaps it’s the catalyst that causes him to take more notice of Mi So. There may not have been any feelings at first, but it’s clear that the 9 years they spent together built a foundation and trust between them. It’s a good basis to the beginning of something more. He continues to try to gain her favor with many different tactics. Again, at first this is all without any sincerity of romantic interest. However, little by little, something begins to change. Sincerity is shown bit by bit as they start to take more notice of each other.

Get you someone who looks at you the same way Young Joon looks at Mi So.

Young Joon’s actions start to unknowingly show more sincerity as it shows him genuinely develop feelings for Secretary Kim. It was hilarious to see someone typically cool and calm freak out out of jealousy. It just showed how he genuinely liked her, whether or not he was aware of his own feelings. I guess how it really differs with Hwayugi is that there was a basis for the development it. It didn’t seen too awkward or rushed. It just seemed completely natural to me. Like in Hwayugi, both main characters lacked dating/relationship experience. However, it was more natural here. In Hwayugi, it was awkward because Sunmi acted more like a teenage character than someone in their early-mid thirties. It was just kind of weird and awkward. It was one of the reasons that made it hard for me to really believe in the story and ship. Sure, the characters in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim can be a bit awkward, but it’s in a way that makes sense and goes with their characters.

The characters in this drama are all so endearing and charming. You can’t help but like them. Young Joon can seem like a self-absorbed rich jerk, but he shows such an understanding and sweet side. I love seeing him fall for Mi So time and time again. The little things he does for her are super sweet and shows his sincere feelings. Every time he looks at her or smiles because of her melts my heart. I end up grinning and fangirling hard. I squealed with joy when he purposely took smaller steps so that they could walk together, side by side. I love the little interactions between the two. There is such great chemistry between them that I can totally buy their feelings. They’re also hilarious together. I SHIP IT!

I love Mi So alot too. She’s such a sincere and hardworking person. I really relate to her. She basically gave up her living her life for so long. She worked hard to pay off her family’s debt and put her older sisters through school. She lived 9 years of constantly busting her ass. She never took any personal time. She finally quit because she realized that she was almost 30 and hadn’t lived her life. She wanted to live her life, find herself, and find love. I have personal circumstances that are really similar, so I really relate to her character. Similar, but minus the whole being hella pretty and having a hot boss/love interest kind of stuff. I instantly loved Mi So when she said, “The most important thing in the world is yourself.” I think we all forget that sometimes because we’re too busy trying to make a living and to please others. We often forget about ourselves and to make ourselves happy.

Anyway, I’ve only seen a few episodes, but I’m incredibly pleased with this drama. Despite being incredibly heavy on cliched K-Drama tropes, I didn’t find myself feeling bored at all. I’m hanging onto every moment. I’m enjoying every little interaction between the characters. My heart absolutely melts each time there’s a cute moment between Young Joon and Mi So. I FUCKING SHIP THIS! The characters seem so interesting and genuine. The main actors have such great chemistry and really sell the ship. I.FUCKING.SHIP.THIS! The drama is full of cute and fluffy moments, as well super hilarious moments. The supporting cast is great as well! They stand out where I’m interested in them as well! They actually feel like they support the story and aren’t just some background characters that might as well not be there. You guys, I haven’t been this excited about a drama in ages! I only hope that it stays awesome until the end~ I definitely recommend this is you’re looking for a cute and funny romcom~

Also, there’s a shit ton of ab fan service if you’re into that~~~

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  1. I skimmed most of this to avoid the spoilers, but it looks interesting, even if it is a bit cliched, and I’ll never say no to ab fan service. I’ve no shame, hahaha. I don’t mind cliches in a show as long as it has something else to offer as well, like fun characters, etc. May have to add this to the list!

    1. It’s really cute haha! I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a sweet and funny romcom. 😀

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