Crazy Manga I’m into: Domestic Girlfriend

Crazy Manga I’m into: Domestic Girlfriend

So, as you may have noticed, I’ve been kind of gone. Not very noticeable on this blog but mostly on Twitter. I’ve been MIA but it’s mostly because of real life stuff. Since I haven’t really watched anything new, I thought now would be a good time to talk about a manga I’m really into. It’s kind of my guilty pleasure right now but I feel like this is where I can just speak my mind and talk about weird shit I’m into it. Now that I’m reading what I said, I notice it might sound way worse than what this manga is so yeah. The manga I’m talking about is Domestic na Kanojo or Domestic Girlfriend.

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Now, the reason why I say that this manga is crazy is that whenever I tell anyone the synopsis I get crazy looks and spine-chilling stares. Thankfully, you can’t stare at me here. BUAHAHA!


I’m just going to explain the synopsis how I would explain it to any of my friends so sorry if this is rough. So, the main character likes his teacher. Main character gets invited out to Karaoke(or some other outing) with friends. Meets a girl there. The girl takes him to her house to lose her virginity and get it out of the way. The main character goes home, finds out his dad is remarrying. You guessed it, the girl he is remarrying is the mother of the girl the main character just had sex with. Oh wait… That’s not all. She is also the mother of HIS TEACHER! Nuts. Okay, it’s really not that crazy but it’s very out there.

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The mangaka for this series once wrote another manga that I loved called GE: Good Ending. As the name reads, it had a very good ending but it also had some great characters. This mangaka just knows how to bring these characters from the page to your heart. When she isn’t doing it with character development she does it with her amazingly hilarious facial expressions.

Tha attack of the pervette wh**e!

The series has a perfect formula for a romantic comedy for me but knows when to bring the drama. Some of the most recent chapters were pretty intense. Almost to a level I wasn’t really prepared for. Even when I found that the story was becoming somewhat predictable, it was always something much more than I expected in a good way. There are obvious tropes that you will see coming from miles away but the creator just seems to also find a neat way to spin it.

That moment you awaken your new fetish
You don’t have to actually deal with this in this story.

I won’t argue with someone if they called this a harem because… you know. Every girl wants to bang the main character. Especially since he’s not the brightest MC. You may find yourself getting really frustrated with him early on but you will be invested in any relationship he is involved in. Also, there are best girls and best boys for everyone in this series. Seriously, they will make you forget all about him after awhile.

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I’m currently up to date with this series and we are almost at 200 chapters. As much as the plot is insane, it knows how to keep you enticed. If you are into a romantic comedy manga, this is for you. It’s a manga you can LEGALLY read on Crunchyroll BUT you will have to be illegal for like 100+ chapters since they don’t have the rights for the entire series… yet. I don’t want to just recommend this series to everyone but if everything I mentioned above interests you, then go for it.

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  1. Hello!

    After reading your post, I’m intrigued! Do you mind me asking to what extent does Domestic Girlfriend stick to tried and true romcom tropes and cliches? Because that’s a real turn-off for me!

    1. That’s hard to answer. I would say it’s not that bad. Try reading the first few chapters and see how you feel. I don’t remember how long it took for shit to get crazy but.. it get’s there lol.

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