Wotakoi – Romance for the Working Otaku

Wotakoi – Romance for the Working Otaku

Last month I talked about the new romance about adult otaku. And now, the show has unfortunately come to an end and the hole left in my heart after MMO Junkie finished returns, but deeper than ever. As I mentioned in my previous post, Wotakoi is about 4 functional adults who are all closet otaku while also figuring out their relationships.



Let’s start with the primary couple of the show, Narumi and Hirotaka. Since they started dating, they have not really done anything really “romantic.” They two have yet to kiss. Yes, that lame “will-they-wont-they” trope we all know from the typical high school romances is here, but it was present in MMO Junkie too. Frankly, I didn’t care they (or any of the couples in the show) never kissed. I loved the interactions between them. Narumi and Hirotaka’s date at the amusement park was full of hilarious “penalty” moments and some great faces from Narumi. The two together is possibly one of the cutest anime couples in recent history.


In my honest opinion, Hana and Kabakura are there to make Narumi and Hirotaka look cuter. They’ve been a couple way before Narumi and Hirotaka but they’ve done their best to keep it hidden from other coworkers. One key example of HanaKaba making Narumi cuter is when she discovered they wear matching necklaces, her entire reaction was so great I screenshot it and used it as my Discord profile picture for a while. Don’t get me wrong, HanaKaba is still an interesting pair, they just don’t match up to Narumi and Hirotaka.


Hana makes Kabakura read Yaoi… and he liked it.

It wasn’t until the last 2 episodes where Hirotaka’s brother, Nao, got a little more development and the start of a pairing. He meets Kou, a female that goes to his college but doesn’t exactly dress like one. She reminds him a lot of his brother because almost all she does is play games but she’s clearly more accepting of Nao being absolute garbage at games. Nao never realized Kou was a female and would always call her Kou-kun (“kun” meant for males, in case you didn’t know) and she never corrected them. I want to see more of this relationship grow because it seems the purest out of all of them. I might actually pick up the manga just for these two.



Overall the show is a raw slice of life with some romance sprinkled throughout. It’s a definite watch for fans of MMO Junkie and a definite watch for any working adult otaku out there. If you’re into a cute-ass romance between adults and not school children, then this is for you. It’s available on Amazon Prime in its entirety. I give this show a solid 9 out of 10. Let me know what you think in the comments! Should I pick up the manga? Do you think Narumi makes the best faces?


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  1. Heh, Wotakoi was great. Narumi’s faces were only out done by the cast from Hinamatsuri.😸

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