Webtoon| Cat Loaf Adventures – Adorably Sweet

Webtoon| Cat Loaf Adventures – Adorably Sweet

Hello loves~ I originally planned on easing back into Real People Stuffs with a movie review. However, I’m not feeling too well. I was struggling to figure out what to talk about. In the end I decided to make this another webtoon post!~

I’m feeling awful so I’ll make it a short and simple post today. Today I’ll be talking about a a series I recently started called Cat Loaf Adventures. It’s an incredibly light hearted, cute, and silly series  by kyutepastry. It’s currently published on LINE Webtoons [Read It HERE].


Basically series takes place in a cute little bakery. The characters are basically adorable pastry looking animals. Our main character of course is Cat Loaf. He’s joined by his friends Rye Loaf and Tabs. The series just basically follows the breadcats on the little adventures they have.

First up is Cat Loaf. He’s hella energetic, friendly, and ready for adventure. He’s always up to some playful antics. He’s also hella dense and oblivious.

3Rye Loaf is much more mature than Cat Loaf. He’s much more perceptive than his friends. He also doesn’t want a part of Cat Loaf’s childish shenanigans. He has a much more serious personality.

4Tabby Loaf, or Tabs, is the group’s squishy lil’ cinnamonroll. He’s a crybaby a scaredy cat. Still, he’s sweet and cares for his friends. He definitely takes good care of his friends.

There are also some other cute and eclectic characters that show up in the breadcats’ adventures.

5Basically how BAYOG views me. All that’s missing is my [rusty axe]

I don’t want to say too much since there’s currently only 14 chapters at the time of this post. Each chapter is a quick read, but the characters and the art are all adorable. They’re adorable and have their own quirky charms. I found it interesting to see how the creator came up with these pastry looking animals. Also…this will sound terrible…but it kind of makes me hungry. I really wanna go to a bakery and pig out. I just want some sweets, catch up on anime/dramas, lay down, and cry. Q~Q Anyways, I apologize for rushing through this post fam. If you want a quick, cute, and sweet read…try reading Cat Loaf Adventures~ There are also plenty of puns. It can be corny, but it definitely gives me something to smile or laugh about~ Have a great Sunday BAYOG fam~

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