Manga|Kamisama Kisama o Koroshitai – YAY HAPPY PSYCHOPATHIC MURDERS

Manga|Kamisama Kisama o Koroshitai – YAY HAPPY PSYCHOPATHIC MURDERS

Why hello there loves~ I’m sure that since I’ve joined the BAYOG crew, you’ve all started to pick up on a bit of an inside joke. Basically as sweet as I seemingly am, we joke (ha…”joke”…haha~) that I’m a crazy psychopath with violent and murderous tendencies when pissed off. The weapon of choice is a rusty ax. I seem sweet, but would probably stab you to death (and get away with it). Yeah. You probably picked up on this in the last podcast where the BAYOG bros played a game of “Guess That Anime OP/ED“. Seeing as the guys brought up something that should’ve been burned, and the possibility of me stabbing their faces.  “Minty…where are you going with this…?” I’m here to talk about a manga about a crazy psychopathic murderer who seems like a happy and innocent child. Only because the murderous rage I felt from the Black and Yellow Otaku Game Night reminded me of it. I will say that I’m going to keep it short today. Mainly because: 1) I don’t want to spoil too much, 2) I’ll admit that things are a bit hazy since it’s been a while since I read it, 3) I’m a lazy piece of shit that forgot to prepare my article ahead of time… My bad fam…


神様、キサマを殺したい(Kamisama Kisama wo Koroshitai), or “God, You Bastard, I Wanna Kill You!” is a seinen series. Genre-wise, it would fall under: drama, seinen, psychological, and horror. It would also fall under mature due to gore, graphic murder,  suicide, rape/rape attempts, etc. So trigger warning there. It’s definitely a NSFW series. Again, NOT SAFE FOR WORK. This may or may not be a series for you if you’re against all of that stuff.

After losing her entire family to a combination of tragedies deliberately caused by certain people, a girl decides to take her own life. Before she has the chance, though, she witnesses a murder and is subsequently cornered by the perpetrator. In search of a greater challenge, he proposes to help her to kill the people who led her family to death… so long as she agrees to allow herself to be killed by him in the end.

[Some Spoilers Ahead]

CHARACTERS (the important ones for now)


Sakimura Chiho is a third year  high school student. Her life basically sucks. Her family went through hell because her father was an innocent man who was made to be the scapegoat of a huge scandal. He ended up killing Chiho’s mother before killing himself. Chiho and her sister were the only ones left in their family. Life was tough, but at least they had each other. Until Chiho’s sister was also murdered. She was drugged, raped, and killed. However, the murderer got away due to having high connections. Having everything taken away from her, Chiho decides to kill herself. As she gets ready to jump off an abandoned building, she witnesses a murder happening down below. The murderer planned to kill Chiho as well. However, she made him curious and her willingness to be killed stopped him. Instead, the murderer says he will help her kill those who killed her family. Once he’s done that, he’ll kill her.


Fueta Makoto, also known as Mako-chan. He’s a first year student in high school. He’s young and seems like an innocent and happy-go-lucky little kid. Makoto seems incredibly childish, but don’t be fooled. Despite how childish he may seem, he’s a psychopathic murderer. He’s the kind who kills for the sake and fun of killing. When he meets Chiho, he admits to having gotten away with at least 20 murders. He’s basically an insane monster in a kid’s body. Makoto planned on killing Chiho, but can’t seem to kill women. Still, he promises to help her get revenge against all the people who ruined her and her family’s life. In exchange, she must let him kill her after completing her revenge. Makoto is definitely not all there in the head. He’s basically fucking nuts, though you would never guess that he’s a psychopathic murderer.

There are a bunch of other characters. They’re all pretty eccentric. Here are two other characters. Mostly because the other ones are scummy and I don’t want to waste my time on them.


Toyokichi is a master tracker and hunter. He’s a crazy and small looking old man. Again, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. He’s also crazy and proficient at killing. Gramps is a killing machine who always gets his prey. He enjoys the hunt for sure.


There’s also Hiura Hiroaki, this odd and crazy police inspector. He has crazy OCD, is a germaphobe, and is pretty abnormal himself. He’s intelligent, excelled at everything, and is bent on trying to catch Makoto. But he’s still a creepy weird dude. He makes Makoto seem normal…


I will admit that this isn’t one of my most favorite manga series. However, what caught my interest is the odd gray area. Murder is bad. Yet Makoto, one of the two protagonists, is a batshit insane murderer. I say protagonist, but he’s more like an anti-hero. He has no moral compass. He just wants to kill, and doesn’t care who he kills. He just enjoys killing. When he first meets Chiho, he explains that it’s basically no different from fishing. Makoto admits that he doesn’t care whether people are good or bad. He has no interest in the details. His usual routine has gotten boring though. The only reason why Chiho is still alive for now, is because Makoto thought making this promise would be fun.


The promise is the only relationship between Chiho. People would see a murderer like Makoto as being evil scum. Chiho states that she’s scared at Makoto. Not only because of him being a murderer, but she’s also disturbed by the things he says and does. Yet Chiho ends up having some sort of attachment to him because he’s like an angel to her. Chiho knows that that he will kill her in the end, and that he doesn’t really have any concern or feel anything towards her. Yet, Chiho is often shows concern about Makoto. For Chiho, Makoto and her revenge are the only things keeping her alive.

capture-20180602-011435.pngThis is totally not my way of sending a message to BAYOG or anything…ミ(✿ʘ ᴗʘ)っ🗡

Although I suppose Makoto shows a bit of concern about Chiho. Though it’s more because he’s driven by goal of killing her after completing this “fun game”. Or is it?




Also I don’t know about you guys, but one of the reasons I continue a series (manga, drama, or whatever) is because I want to see assholes get their just-desserts. These are the guys at the very opposite of the moral compass. Everyone in this manga has been hella scummy douche bags who deserve what’s coming to them.  Hard to feel bad about this kid going on a murdering spree when all the victims were fucking awful people. Perhaps that’s the other thing that made this series interesting for me. The fact that a psychopathic monster of a killer actually seems like a nice and good guy in comparison to the rest of the scum in this manga’s world. I’m just curious to see more of the two characters’ developments in the story. Though I mostly want to see scummy douche bags get punished.

Anyway, yeah. “…Minty…why are you reading crazy shit like this…???” I found it interesting. Also I just found it funny because it reminded me of how BAYOG and friends joke about how I seem like this sweet and happy-go-lucky chick, but I’m also like a psycho who would probably stab and murder you. This totally wasn’t my way of telling the BAYOG bros to watch it if they don’t wanna be shanked or met with good ol’ rusty. Nope.

And a reminder to myself: Minty…never record a song with friends when you’re tipsy. It will come back to bite you in the ass (even 4 years later) and send you into a murderous rage.

BAYOG Bros…you’ll get to live a bit longer…for now… (✿◉‿◉)🗡




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  1. Hey there everyone, I’m still alive. This is definitely not someone else using Rokutsu’s account. Move along.

  2. Just started a few days ago.Amazing .Too bad its on perma hiatus ( still everyone says that the last chapter has a cliffhanger that could be considered like an ending)

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