Watch This Wednesday! – Wotakoi

Watch This Wednesday! – Wotakoi

MMO Junkie ended and you’re left with a hole in your heart. Well if you’re like me and want more stories about adults living an otaku life then you’re in luck this season because Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, Wotakoi for short, is currently airing and it’s everything I wanted from a working otaku anime.


The story revolves around 4 otaku that are not useless to society. They are functioning adults working in a normal office job. Narumi transfers to a new job because she was outed as an otaku at her former workplace and judged harshly on it she felt uncomfortable and moved to a new place, the company her old childhood friend, Hirotaka, works for. The two argue about the struggles of being an otaku, hiding that lifestyle, and dating, and eventually, Hirotaka gives an elevator pitch to Narumi on why they should date and she hires him. The two also have friends in the workplace, Kabakura, and Hanako who are also closet otaku.


The story isn’t really deep. The show is basically a slice of life in the raw-est form as each episode usually depicts a rather mundane part of their life and how they all get along. Each character is a specific type of otaku too. Hirotaka is just a plain gaming otaku while Narumi is a hardcore fujoshi that even writes doujins she sells at various cons. As for the other couple, Hana cosplays, usually as a male, and loves Yaoi and games, while Kabakura is less hardcore of an otaku but still likes heroes and bishoujo. Seeing the interactions between this group of friends is very relatable and very wholesome.


Overall the show will fill that space MMO Junkie has left behind. The characters are amazing and the comedy is quality. It airs on Thursdays on Amazon Prime. It’s currently halfway through its season and definitely worth your attention. Look forward to my full review after the season finishes!

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