Terrifyingly Insane – Magical Girl Site

Terrifyingly Insane – Magical Girl Site

So for mid-season Magical Girl Site, we have a continuation of our cliffhanger where Aya and Tsuyuno are in the latter’s apartment with a mutilated man and a bout of awkward moments ensue with Sarina showing up. We see Sarina again blaming her victim for defending herself against rape and killing her friend. A battle ensues with Aya ninja dodging Sarina’s death whip yo-yo magical stick (not a phrase I thought I’d be saying anytime in my life). Sarina goes full sociopath by essentially declaring that she doesn’t give any of the fucks about Aya or her feelings and that she’s basically garbage for Sarina to step on. Eventually Aya utilizes the shield magic to defend herself and the collapsed Tsuyuno and our girl proudly declares that she will not relent and now defend her lover’s friend’s life. The yo-yo managed to reduce the structural integrity of the building significantly and Aya, not quite the terrible person I am, opts to save Sarina by teleporting her to school then using the shield to protect herself and Tsuyuno. While one would think this be a sweet enough ending, there was more to this battle than Tsuyuno’s apartment.

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Freeze frame and jump to the hospital where the terrifyingly insane Nijimin has been redirected by the equally but in a different way terrifyingly insane Sarina (ok maybe just every character in this show is terrifyingly insane) to the hospital where Rina is comatose and vulnerable. Keeping in line with the themes of the show, a box cutter is taken out for use and is unable to be levied against Rina due to the fact that there is also a magical stick that has the power to use magic remotely. I just want to point out how terrible of a power that is and the fact that this sitck’s original owner’s life was already probably shit because that’s the theme for these magical girls, then she was killed for her power that was effectively useless on it’s own. Mini rant aside, Nijimin does her insane Nijimin thing and proceeds to end the episode at the doorstep of the Asagiri residence where Aya’s terrifyingly insane brother Bakugo Kacchan Kaname. This leads to an interesting interaction between the two blue haired sociopaths.

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Yup, Nijimin kicks off the episode with the hots for Kaname and the two begin to talk. Kaname starts to ponder if Nijimin is by chance a magical girl as well and Nijimin plots to torture/murder/mutilate Aya but relents that “her loving, caring brother would be sad.” While said “loving, caring brother” was mentally referring to Aya as a punching bag. The dialogue between the two is hilarious with the internal monologue components while at the same time being terrifyingly insane. Kaname seeks to utilize Aya for his own plans regarding the Magical Girl Sticks and Magical Girl Site, and Nijimin runs off enamored by Kaname to the chagrin of her creepy stalker. Jumping back to the hospital, we find Aya and Tsuyuno hospitalized down the hall from Rina as a creepy eye patch wearing emo girl began to cut herself. Because of course she did.

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Turns out, this magical girl is both from a different magical girl site, and her blood is infused with healing properties. While not explicitly terrifyingly insane, she’s still rather tragically insane, especially since she has a little “episode” followed by popping a copious amount of SSRIs or some other such drug to stabilize her. Rina, Aya, and Tsuyuno are then all gathered to join a fighting force of magical girls combating the site admins and their terrible aim of bringing about the tempest and causing the end of the world. We also have the site admins gather and decide that girls who have found out too much must be dealt with, in the permanent fashion. I have to admit, when I heard they were bringing in the AI YouTuber, Kizuna AI for a MAGICAL GIRL SHOW, I didn’t expect her to play some fat scary black and white site administrator. I most certainly didn’t anticipate her playing such a role and proceeding to violently and without hesitation murder a number of magical girls. As such the show has managed to keep me entertained enough to at the very least keep watching, in the hopes that it will pay off with a good ending or at the very least a terrifyingly insane one I will remember for some time, especially since people are saying it’s changing and deviating greatly from the source manga. Let me know if you are watching as well and your thoughts and let’s see if we can guess who the hell that random girl was!?!

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