GAMING| Stardew Valley Multiplayer (Beta) – First Impressions

GAMING| Stardew Valley Multiplayer (Beta) – First Impressions

Hello loves~ Originally I was going to have a post with the usual kind of content that I cover. I won’t lie though, I’ve been hella busy, hella drained, hella out of it and wasn’t well prepared this week…my bad fam. However, I did play the multiplayer version of Stardew Valley (currently beta by the way). So I thought I’d talk about my experience so far~

First of all, while I am in charge of Real People Stuffs here at BAYOG, I do play and enjoy video games. Though I’m not very good. I’m more of a casual gamer and I enjoy more simple games. Also know that I have a reputation for breaking every game I play. I mean some weird thing always happens, sometimes it’s in my favor and sometimes it’s not. I think the most well known incident would be when I was playing Payday 2 with some of the BAYOG bros. Remember when Nick mentioned a floating bag of cocaine? Yeah, that was me. I threw it in the air to try to catch it and get an achievement. However, it never came down. Looked up and it was just stuck in the air. So we totally failed that mission haha. I have alot of incidents like that. The rest of the time, I’m trying to see how I can break the game in my favor. Basically I find little loopholes and cheats~ Cheating is fun and I don’t care~~~


Stardew Valley is an indie farming simulation and role playing game that had been pretty popular when it first came out. I believe Marc has also played it before. I will, however, admit that I had no interest in it at first. It just wasn’t my type of game. I was just never interested in farming simulation? Yet I somehow started playing with my sister about a year and a half ago? We were looking for something we could play together. My sister loved Stardew and I knew there was a multiplayer mod. And thus began my Stardew Valley experience. Did we try to find ways to break the multiplayer mod version? Hell yes. Did we? Yeah. We figured out little cheats we could do, like how to double items. You can imagine how excited my sister was when I told her that Stardew Valley announced that they were working on releasing the official multiplayer version of the game. The first beta testing was opened April 30.

So I hopped on that with my sister and my friend Danny (aka Princess Sparkles). Of course there are plenty of bugs since it is in beta. My sister and I also using two mods (The Item Spawner and In-Game Cheat Menu mods). Danny wasn’t using any of the mods though. It was also his first time playing Stardew Valley. My sister hosted the game. We decided to just mess around in the game and see what bugs we might encounter.

We encountered a couple haha. However, getting the game to work was a challenge. We had alot of issues that caused us to quit and restart the game multiple times. Danny and I constantly had an issue of being stuck on a never ending loading screen when entering different areas. We constantly had to force quit and restart the game. It was basically like 2-3 hours of playing and somehow we were still only on day 4-5 of the game.

Another issue we kept running into was whenever we had to do an event or even sleep. Typically, you have to wait for all players to complete those actions. However, we ran into being stuck with “Waiting for x/3 players”. It was bizarre because everyone had already selected the action.

Sometimes the maps would load (or rather not load) in bizarre ways.

This screenshot was brought to you by Princess Sparkles

We had weird issues with our horses too. Sometimes I’d hope off my horse and he’d slide around the screen and follow me. Apparently it would only look like that on my screen. While it appeared that I was not on the horse, my sister said it looked like I was still riding the horse around. Danny had a different weird bug with riding the horse. It’d look like he was riding his horse, but without the horse. It looked like he was riding air and the horse would just float about a distance away from his character. I somehow “broke” the game by somehow ending up in the middle of the ocean with my horse. Which totally is not a normal thing, because you can’t even access those areas.

Another way I “broke” the game with the horse, is I somehow accidentally multiplied the horses. I was just riding the horse near the Community Center. I hopped off and noticed another horse suddenly appeared. Tried getting on my horse to leave. Suddenly another one appeared. So I somehow got us 2 extra horses out of nowhere….

There are some differences in the single vs co-op games. In multiplayer, the host will have the big farm house you usually get in the regular game. However, you can build little cabins for your friends who join the game.

These cabins can be upgraded and decorated much like the regular farmhouse. Although it bugs the crap out of me that I can’t move or change the dresser. I also just wish that there were more options for decorating and what not.

The cabins just vary in the outside appearance. They all look the same and have the same stuff on the inside. Every player can take or move the items (sans the damn dresser and bed) in the cabins and the farmhouse.

My sister decided to decorate Danny’s cabin a bit differently…

Sit in your dungeon and think about what you did!

And Danny thought it’d be funny to block us in the bed with the dang TVs. So as revenge, I thought I would give his cottage a make over~

Is the Stardew Valley Multiplayer game buggy? Yes, but again, it is still beta. It’s still fun and interesting~ Bugs and things are funny and I’m still enjoying it. We definitely busted out laughing a bunch of times. I’m looking forward to seeing how the final official product will be like~

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