BAYOG Covers| It’s Gonna Rain (Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X)

BAYOG Covers| It’s Gonna Rain (Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X)

Hello hello~ It’s my day off from work today and I’m still kinda feeling nostalgic from my Throwback Thursday post a while back ago~ While not a fancy cover, I just decided to karaoke to Bonnie Pink’s “It’s Gonna Rain”. This was used as one of the ending songs for the Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X) anime series. The song was released in 1997 and used as the 5th ending song for the anime.


The Rurouni Kenshin series is definitely one of my favorite titles that wasn’t in the shoujo genre. I know it’s a well loved classic amongst the other BAYOG members too~ I was pretty hyped for the live action movies and I loved the OST for those too (Mostly because I’m also a big ONE OK ROCK fan…but that’s for another time). I don’t what exactly about “It’s Gonna Rain” that made me really like it. It was catchy and upbeat, and I remember having it stuck in my head. I even had random moments humming it while in class.

Here’s the ending from the anime series.

Here’s the original music video by Bonnie Pink.

Here are the lyrics and the cover~ Not going to lie…kinda messed up a bit at the end, but oh wells~ I karaoke on Smule, and you’re all free to join me too~ Just look up piecesofminty~ Enjoy my karaoke cover and have a wonderful day~

TV Size Lyrics and Translations from Anime Lyrics


足取りも軽くして チャオ チャオ
取るものも取り敢えず チャオ チャオ

大嫌い雨なんか チャオ チャオ
もう少し居たいのに チャオ チャオ
It’s gonna rain!

It’s gonna rain!
It’s gonna rain!

Ashidori mo karukushite chao chao
Torumono mo toriaezu chao chao
Raion ga unaru mitai no raimei ga
Taisan wo unagashite iru
Dou naru no ? 
Sou… Mou sugu ame

Dai kirai ame nanka chao chao
Mou sukoshi itai noni chao chao
Kaikan ga kaisan ni kawaru shunkan wo
Raion ga isogaseta no wa
Meihaku No ! Meiwaku
It’s gonna rain ! 

Ame wa mou aribai wo kesu no ? 
Kare wa mou wasurete shimau no ? 
Futari wa mou korekiri ni naru no ? 
Subete wa ame no seitte koto ni shite oko

It’s gonna rain… 
It’s gonna rain…

Footsteps are lightly taken, chao chao 
But hurrying anyway, chao chao 
The thunder like a lion’s roar 
Prompts a dispersion. 
What’s going on? 
That’s right…the rain’s coming.

I really hate the rain, chao chao 
I wanted to stay here a little longer, chao chao 
In the instant when the pleasant sensation was changed, 
When the lion made me hurry 
It was obvious, No! Annoying. 
It’s gonna rain!

Has the rain erased his alibi? 
Did he already forget? 
Is this all the two of us will become? 
Let’s make all of this the rain’s fault.
It’s gonna rain!
It’s gonna rain!

*Edit: Well that was awkward…I had a embedded player which showed in the preview, but not in the published post. Awkwaaaaaaarrrrd. Anyway I fixed it~



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