Webtoon|Cherry Blossoms

Webtoon|Cherry Blossoms

Hello, hello loves~ You may have noticed that I haven’t been doing any live action reviews recently. As I mentioned before, my live action review posts will be on hiatus for now. You all know how I love to get detailed with reviewing movies and dramas. Unfortunately, that’s a bit hard for me at the moment due to some personal matters and my current schedule. The BAYOG bros have been hella supportive and are allowing me to take it easy. They’ve also been hella chill and supportive in letting me try out new content and ideas for you guys~ I enjoy writing for them and putting out content for you guys though, so I didn’t want to completely ghost and go on hiatus. So that’s basically why you’ve seen me post some different content in the meantime.

|Today I thought I’d take it easy and talk about an old webtoon I liked that’s been on my mind. Winter is over and it’s spring (Well…kind of, since Mother Nature seems to like bringing winter back alot out of nowhere…). I’ve seen alot of pictures of cherry blossoms from my friends in Japan, Korean, and back here in the States. Seeing the pictures of cherry blossoms suddenly reminded me an old webtoon on Line Webtoons called Cherry Blossoms. The original title is “올해의 벚꽃도 함께” (Ohhaeui Beotkkotdo Hamkke, or “Another Year Together with the Cherry Blossoms”). It’s the second webtoon on Line Webtoons by Park Subong, the first being The Girl From Class. You can read Cherry Blossoms [Here].

Synopsis (from Line Webtoons):
The girl that you keep thinking of when it blossoms. Regretting not having been able to express your true feelings to her a year ago. Should have had the courage to hold her hands.


The idea of spring and cherry blossoms invoke alot of bright imagery, the idea of new things sprouting, even love. That’s kind of the idea associated with the Cherry Blossoms webtoon. It’s a really short series that’s 7 chapters long. I won’t go into it too much because I don’t want to spoil anything. All I will say is that it’s a sweet and simple love story. The art is also very simple, but I love the pop of pink in the webtoon. The simplistic art style, simple story, and the pop of pink just makes it seem really beautiful to me. While it’s not a spectacularly amazing or unique story, it invokes a familiar warm and fuzzy feeling. The charm and appeal of this story lies in it’s simplicity and how relateable it is. The webtoon was inspired by a song called “첫사랑” (Cheot Sarang, or”First Love”), by the Korean indie band Busker Busker. It’s a fun and upbeat kind of indie-rock song that captures the feeling of love in spring.

Have you read Cherry Blossoms? What did you think? What are some webtoons that you like?~ Let me know! Maybe I’ve read it, or maybe I’ll give it a try!~ Also, I’m trying to get used to using my Twitter account again. Honestly, I’ve had it for years, but never really used very much. I been with BAYOG for about 5 months now, and I’ve had alot of fun writing different content and talking with you guys~ I figured I’d give Twitter another shot so I can be more connected with you guys!~ You guys can find me [Here]~


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  1. I’ve only just really gotten into Webtoons myself, but this one sounds adorable. Thanks for sharing! My favorite completed webtoon is ‘My Boo’ which is maybe 40-ish chapters but a seriously well put together story.

    1. Oh! I remember that one! I used to read it before Line Webtoons officially published it in English~ I really like that one too! :3

  2. This one of my favorite Webtoon. The things unsaid. The things realise lately that delima…. it’s meaningful

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