Final Review| How to Keep a Mummy – Cutest Anime of the Season

Final Review| How to Keep a Mummy – Cutest Anime of the Season

Hello loves~ I finally finished How to Keep a Mummy. I know I’m garbage for taking so long, but I fell hella behind due to being busy with various things. Anyway, you may remember me talking about the series in a previous post [HERE].

My heart melts from the adorableness of this series and my precious Mii-kun. 

I’ll take them all please~

I definitely had a very positive impression of it. Granted, there isn’t alot of like character development (though there is some at the very end). However, the series was such a fun, cute, pure, and light-hearted series to watch. It was great to watch if I was having a bleh day. I thought it couldn’t get any cuter. I was wrong. There were more cute little creatures and adorable moments. I really liked the supernatural beings more and more. Especially Mii, however, they were all just adorable. I truly wish I had them all. One of my favorite things was seeing them write little letters. Isao and Mii’s letters are freaking adorable and make my heart scream from the cuteness. Conny’s is just very Conny and lol.

All the supernatural beings are so adorable in this series. Even the inugami at the end! Like, can I have you guys please??

My only “problem”, is I was still left with several questions. Mostly regarding the dad and Mii-kun. While the final episode was cute, I just felt like there should’ve been more. It just felt a bit anti-climactic. I still love the series and definitely recommend it though! And that’s my straight to the point and spoiler free take on it. I’ll be going into more detail below~

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead!]

In episode 7 we’re introduced to a new friend named Tachiaki Daichi. He looks like a stereotypical yankee or delinquent. However, his true personality is the complete opposite of how he looks. He’s quite shy, quiet, and easily intimidated. Initially he does seem scary due to his sleep deprivation from his nightmares and sleepwalking. He’s probably the most normal person in the group of friends. He still seems pretty unsure about what the hell is going on and the discovery of supernatural creatures existing. But he accepts it and rolls with it. Although, he seems to be extra minor when he finally appeared in the series. Like dude’s just kinda in the background or just there. However, I feel like there’s a little more to him. I wanted to know exactly why he was getting such bad nightmares. He also seems to have a scare on his neck or the back of his neck. I want to know the story about that and whether it connects to the cause of the nightmares.

Dude, this is not the reaction I would’ve had when first seeing Mukumuku. 

This would be my reaction. 

We’re then introduced to a new character, a baku (dream eater) named Mukumuku. He’s round and apparently hella soft and fluffy. I want to pet it~ Apparently baku are also hella fast, moving faster than the speed of sound. He’s the solution to Daichi’s nightmares. Though it’s later revealed that he can control Daichi in his sleep, and therefore was the cause of Daichi’s “sleep-walking” to open the door and such? While Isao the dragon seems like the friendly, sweet, mature, and caring older brother of the bunch, Mukumuku seems like the silent older brother who can’t be bothered and gets annoyed at times. Although he will play with the others.

And we’re introduced to Anubis, or Ayan, who is a talking statue of Anubis from Egypt. He’s like the silly old grandpa character. He’s definitely a quirky but fun character.

This would be me. 

I have to say that all the characters are adorable and I want all of them. It was also hella cute to see them go to “daycare” at the shrine, where the shrine’s Kami-sama (god) and Ojizou/Jizo statue looked after them.

I legit cried.

One of my favorite parts was seeing Mii-kun make a new friend with a oni child (not Conny). I’m always hella interested in supernatural stuff and seeing them walk through the forest kind of gave me Studio Ghibli film vibes. I loved it~

Again, this anime is more about cute and fluffy feels. There isn’t much character development. Though there was some towards the end. Conny and Tazuki aren’t the type to be open and honest with their feelings. They both try to play up this tough image. This of course led to tension, a fight, and misunderstandings. However, they both ended up finally having a heart to heart in their own way. It was refreshing to see them finally be more honest. I have to say I wanted to cry for Conny once we realized all he wanted was someone to go home to, a parent or family.

The series had so many incredibly adorable and sweet moments. It was cute to see Mii-kun help Daichi and Tazuki by pushing them to make up and become friends.

I also loved seeing how Isao took care of Motegi by putting a blanket over her when she was sleeping.

The only other character development was between Sora and Tazuki. They both had things they hadn’t been completely open with each other, and most certainly had some differences in regards to different points of view. Tazuki was pretty pissed that Sora always disregards himself and is nonchalantly ready to get into danger. The whole “STOP FUCKING TRYING TO SACRIFICE YOURSELF AND TRY TO FUCKING LEARN TO DEPEND ON OTHERS!” and “WHY ARE YOU MAKING YOURSELF SOUND LIKE SOMEONE DISTANT WHO DOESN’T REALLY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH US??” argument. But for Sora, he always believed that people would always leave him behind. He prepared himself for that. They finally ended up being more honest and finally understood each other.

Fuck you dude. How dare you try to hurt my precious child! Go fall off of that cliff!

Now, I love this series. Don’t get me wrong. It’s completely adorable. However, the ending was just kind of lackluster as a finale for me. Sure, it had that whole tension, fighting, resolution, and character development for Sora and Tazuki. The whole main conflict was some douche collector dude sneaking into this supernatural festival the gang was at. Douche then steals Mii-kun. It’s like the biggest tension in the series. However, it didn’t even last that long. Like probably only 5-8 minutes of the episode. It was quickly resolved. While it’s great to see everyone resolved their issues, worked together, and caught the bad guy…it just felt very anti-climatic for me. Like they’ve been kind of mentioning collectors and bad humans for a while throughout the whole series. In fact, it was a big factor in that whole secret Tazuki had been keeping since childhood. But it’s like that 5-8 minutes is the only time we actually see or hear anything to do with a collector. They could’ve added some more details or something because it just felt so minor and unimportant, even though it’s literally a large threat against our supernatural cuties?

I do admit the little mini omatsuri (festival) in the backyard thing at the very end was incredibly adorable. I loved it. Really. However, I just felt that it was kind of “meh” way to end the series. Again, it just felt very anti-climatic. It just didn’t feel like a series finale episode. It felt more of filler or somewhere in the middle kind of episode. Also I still have so many questions! Will the dad ever return? Why is he so into weird and supernatural stuff? What exactly is Mii-kun?? Does Mii-kun have powers? Because I want that whole thing with the festival tickets to be explained. Also on a random note: How the fuck do the monsters at the festival entrance quickly get ready to basically end Sora and the gang, yet can’t catch the damn collector literally 15 seconds after they realized he faked his ticket and snuck in?? Like these monsters literally were able to grow into huge, giant ass monsters and stretch out and catch the kids. Yet, they literally can’t do that with the douche who was literally right fucking there. What the fuck guys??

Also the biggest plot twist was Pochi. Though I should’ve fucking known. Pochi is still adorable as fuck though.

Despite the lackluster yet adorable finale, I still really enjoyed the series. I loved so many things about the series, but I have to say episode 8 was probably my favorite for some reason~ Maybe cuz of the Studio Ghibli vibes in the forest?~ I still highly recommend it and conclude that this was the most adorable anime of the season. It’s also probably one the most adorable series I’ve ever seen overall. It’s warm, fuzzy, and wholesome.

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  1. Definitely the cutest anime of the season in a season full of cute anime. There is nothing that is ever going to beat the cuteness of Mii-Kun and I still most definitely want one.

    1. I’m a bit sad that it’s over. I was always looking forward to Mii-kun’s adorableness~ haha

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