BAYOG Covers|ムーンライト伝説/Moonlight Densetsu (Sailor Moon)

BAYOG Covers|ムーンライト伝説/Moonlight Densetsu (Sailor Moon)

Hello loves~ Today’s post will be something different~

The BAYOG Crew has wanted to try to diversify our content as we have fun in sharing our interests with you all. Other than anime/manga and gaming, some of us are also interested in music. Marc can play the bass. Kenny can spit bars? I like to sing, write lyrics, and play the ukulele (though I’m a poor ukulele player). Before BAYOG, I’d been doing covers on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram (piecesofminty….shameless plug… ). There had been some discussions on doing some covers for a bit. It’s Songkran/Thai New Years (Happy New Year/Songkran to my fellow Southeast Asians celebrating it) for me. Due to the holiday I wanted to take it easy this week. So I thought I’d use this opportunity to take it easy and try it out~


Today, I’ll be covering ムーンライト伝説/Moonlight Densetsu. It’s also known as the original theme song for the Sailor Moon anime series. Why’d I choose this one? Well, I did talk about it in my Throwback Thursday post. I was feeling hella nostalgic haha. You should all remember, I’m a hella basic Asian chick. I grew up on the Sailor Moon series, had a bunch of toys, dvds, etc. I even have the Sailor Moon eyeliner. Basically I loved, and still love Sailor Moon.

It certainly is one of the most iconic anime songs of all time. The anime series had 2 versions. The original version was by the Japanese idol group, Dali. It was originally released in 1992 and used for the first two seasons of the anime, Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R. The second version of the song was performed by Moon Lips. Moon Lips was a group of seiyuu (voice actresses/actors)  group who portrayed the original 5 Sailor Senshi/Sailor Scouts in the musicals. That version was used for Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S. Looking at the lyrics, the lyrics and the song really matched well with the series.

-LYRICS [TV Version] from WikiMoon  –

ゴメンね 素直じゃなくて
今すぐ 会いたいよ
だって純情 どうしよう

月の光に 導かれ
何度も 巡り会う
星座の瞬き数え 占う恋の行方
同じ地球に生まれたの ミラクル・ロマンス
信じているの ミラクル・ロマンス

Gomen ne sunao janakute
Yume no naka nara ieru
Shikou kairo wa shooto sunzen
Ima sugu aitai yo
Nakitaku naru you na moonlight
Denwa mo dekinai midnight
Datte junjou doushiyou
Haato wa mangekyou

Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare
Nando mo meguriau
Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue
Onaji kuni ni umareta no mirakuru romansu
Shinjite iru no mirakuru romansu

I’m sorry I’m not honest,
I can say it while I’m dreaming,
My thoughts are on the verge of overloading,
I want to see you right now
Moonlight makes me want to cry,
At midnight I can’t call you,
But I’m so devoted, what should I do
My heart is a kaleidoscope

Ushered by the light of the moon
We meet again over and over
The sparkling lights of the constellations predict the whereabouts of love
Born on this same planet, a miracle romance.
Do you believe in it? A miracle romance.

Anyway, here’s my garbage attempt to cover it on the ukulele. Mind you, I’m not good at singing and playing at the same time haha. It’s all for fun though~

Okay. That was garbage. I apologize. The struggle is real when you gotta play an instrument and sing at the same time… Anyway here’s a better version with the original instrumental~

Originally I did think of doing 2-3 different songs, including Bonnie Pink’s “It’s Gonna Rain” and Utada Hikaru’s “Hikari”. However, I have a bad cough so I just couldn’t. Sorry loves. What do you all think? Should we continue BAYOG covers every now and then? We’re looking to hopefully do something where several members of the crew can collaborate. Maybe we should have the guys do the English version of the Sailor Moon theme song haha. Let them know if you guys want it to happen haha~ If we continue this series, maybe we’ll have you all pick something for us? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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