The Best Kind of Surprise – Mahou Shoujo Ore

The Best Kind of Surprise – Mahou Shoujo Ore

When I read the synopsis for Mahou Shoujo Ore (I refuse to call it by the English name), I was immediately intrigued. It’s about a 15-year-old, newbie Idol who legitimately got into the Idol business because she wanted to get closer to her idol partner and childhood friend’s older brother. But when the Yakuza kick down her door to talk to her mother, she finds out her mother used to be a magical girl with the yakuza guy as her mascot. It isn’t until her crush gets captured by buff but cute squirrel looking demons that she becomes a magical girl in order to protect him.


You’re probably thinking, “What is he smoking and why isn’t he sharing?” But I assure you, that is exactly what this show is about. And it’s amazing. The first 5 minutes is Saki’s dream sequence of being a magical girl (that is still a girl) fighting a monster. The sequence pulls some Deadpool level 4th wall break with the monster removing color from things it hits and the mascot commenting about it being easier on the colorists. The show is very self-aware and they make fun of themselves.


Crunchyroll got their hands on the first two episodes and aired them one week before Japan even had the first episode aired on TV. Now that episode 3 is on the way, we’ll soon see if it passes the 3 episode test; but honestly, it’s something I will keep watching regardless. It is aware of itself. It knows when and how to make fun of the genre it parodies.

While it has some drawbacks, like reusing some similar jokes like the monster in episode 2 being another buff squirrel thing but with tentacles, it’s still rather enjoyable for me. Maybe it’s because I just don’t like the magical girl genre so much that only a parody or deconstruction is what would get me to watch it. Speaking of which, I’ve got Magical Girl Site to catch up on. What do you think of Mahou Shoujo Ore? Lemme know in the comments!

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  1. Finally someone else who likes this series! I feel like so many people gave it flack for being ‘unoriginal’ or something just based off the first episode. I am in love with it and on board with you even if episode 3 fails. It’s funny, I love that Sakuyo draws on the same strength but for her love of Saki. It’s fun, it calls itself out and I’m really enjoying it too.

    1. “Unoriginal” or not the show is still so much fun to watch, which is exactly why I’ll watch it even if the 3rd episode flops for many because the first two episodes just put a large smile on my face.

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