“You Are Already Dead” – Fist Of The Blue Sky: Regenesis First Impression

“You Are Already Dead” – Fist Of The Blue Sky: Regenesis First Impression

Most of you who watch or read our content likely know that I’m probably the least discerning or picky of the BAYOG crew. I tend to watch all sorts of things whether they be right proper garbage or amazing gems. So when it comes to the classic meme-tacular, my top show tends to be JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. With it’s horribly funny and random moments, and unnecessarily buff characters, topped off with outrageous powers and fight scenes, it’s amazing, but Fist Of The North Star has always been the show for this stuff. Between the classic “You are already dead” and the sheer brutality of the Fist Of The North Star “Hokuto Shinken”, as well as the people who are insanely stacked and well built and horses the size of elephants trampling motorcycle-mounted techno-barbarians, Fist Of The North Star has a crazy theme and a crazier following, but I’ll be honest in admitting I never followed or got into it too much. Fist Of The Blue Sky however, is a prequel taking place in China circa WWII and I have to admit it’s managed to pique my interest.

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So as of this writing, 2 episodes have dropped and my opinion of the show is that it has potential, but some things right off the bat were mediocre and probably could have been done much better. From an implementation standpoint, there was 0 hype, and 0 forecasting for this show, and as this series is EXTREMELY less popular than the main Fist Of The North Star, many people are/were confused by “who is this, what are those, why is he doing that,” etc. I have added a link at the bottom to a comment that helped clarify some things in addition to what I researched myself. From an execution standpoint, I am looking forward to seeing the action and story told even though I kind of already know the end point. Some things were teased well such as “Is that the Iron Fist, defender of K’un-L’un?” and there were also some hilarious moments where they depicted Nazi and French WWII era soldiers as caricature level stupid. Also, I’m left wondering how long someone can survive with their heart ripped from their chest.

From the production standpoint, one of the first things I noted was that Takehito Koyasu (my man Dio Brando) voices Liu Fei-Yan, aka the Death Bird Demon or Sǐ Niǎo Guǐ. This alone makes me enjoy this show and anything with Liu, as Takehito Koyasu is probably one of my favorite VAs and my friend looked at me sideways when I loudly declared “That guy’s DIO!” Besides him, the rest of the cast are actually rather well done and the music is the action filled and dramatic and while CG, the animation is not too too bad, even though at times it drops to legitimately 10 FPS. Still better than Berserk, and it makes me think of the animation from some of the JoJo’s intros, specifically from the Phantom Blood OP. Overall this and the few trailer scenes I’ve been shown have me thinking that the show will be interesting if not at the least filled with brilliant WTF moments.

Fist Of The Blue Sky Regenesis Wat
Grand Master of the Shingen-Ryu

Let me finish with this synopsis I found on Reddit that helped bring me up to speed as unlike JoJo’s which started logically from the front, or Berserk that started at a logical and major transition (Post-Eclipse, Black Swordsman Arc) Fist Of The Blue Sky kind of just jumped to the middle and I had to research a lot of these facts myself because I was confused. Otherwise, let me know what you think and if you’re willing to put up with some mediocre CG and terrible frame rates because omae wa mo shindeiru…

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